The last few minutes of the match at Craven Cottage were difficult to bear for those Spurs fans with the healthiest of hearts so it’s certain it wouldn’t have been pleasant viewing for manager Harry Redknapp – a fact that Joe Jordan acknowledged after the game.

“Never mind the goalmouth scramble, that last half hour will have been a good test for Harry,” Joe said after the match.

“If he passes that, which I’m sure he will, he may be back a little bit earlier.”

Various dates have been set for the manager’s return and one or two Spurs fans are keen to see the main man back in charge as soon as possible.

“He’s hoping that he will be back for our next game,” added Kevin Bond.” I know initially that was his thoughts, that he would be back for the Villa game. If it needs to be longer, he will have to listen to those guys.

“The players know what is expected from them and all we will try to do is to keep things going as sweetly as we can do until Harry returns,” he concluded.

So for now, Bond, Jordan and Allen are minding the ship but the familiar figure of Harry in the dugout will be a welcome sight for fans and players alike.



  1. That is a good point. Whilst we would be glad to have Harry in the dugout, in the mean time it still will be Jordan/Bond/Allen preparing for next game instead of Harry. The training sessions, the game plan, the research…. It will be a tough one. Especially with me in the crowd (my last few visits to WHL have ended with defeat…yes I was at the City match…yes I am a bad omen..)


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