Brad in no mood to hang up his gloves

Brad in no mood to hang up his gloves


When Brad Friedel arrived at White Hart Lane in the summer, many fans expected that he would spend most of the season warming the bench behind Heurelho Gomes.

We were proved wrong but as soon as Harry Redknapp confirmed that the 40 year old American had been installed as his first choice, rumours began to circulate as to who would come in to replace him on a long term basis.

Potential candidates may have to wait however as Friedel has stated that he is already thinking in terms of playing beyond his current two year deal.

“If you can keep yourself free of major injury and you want to keep playing, then you can go much longer than an outfield player could,” Brad said.

“It can be done if you want it – and I do.”

He then went on to question people’s attitudes to his age,

“These days with all the focus on nutrition and health, together with the less distance we have to cover in training and in matches, why shouldn’t a goalkeeper play well into his 40s?

“My body doesn’t feel the way someone might think a 40-year-old should feel.

“I don’t wake up every morning and think, ‘Oh no, I’m 40, I don’t feel like training today’.”

Although he had little work to do against his former club Aston Villa on Monday night, Brad has certainly played his part in Spurs current run of form and it may be that he is between the posts at the Lane for a long time yet.


  1. If Brad can perform at this level then next yr or yr after then there is no reason he cant play on. With Gomes likely to leave and Carlo into his 30’s we do need to look long term though so at the end of this year we should spend some serious money on a top, top keeper. Not that many around in Europe imo but have rated Skelenberg, mandana, Lloris when have seen them. Thought Begovic or Hennesey may be worth a punt but they have looked shakey recently


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