A run of three home fixtures is a welcome site as Spurs look to push on in the second half of this season and secure a top four place at the very least. Following West Brom this evening, Tottenham entertain Wolves and Everton in the league and while nine points is perfectly possible, Harry Redknapp is warning against any complacency.

“They’ve been doing well lately, had a good win at Newcastle and this will be a tough game,” said Harry when asked about tonight’s opponents.

“Roy’s got them difficult to beat and they are dangerous up front.

“We’ve tough home games coming up, West Brom, Everton, Wolves, all difficult. They will all be strong.

“There are no easy games though. How can you see Blackburn winning at United or Villa at Chelsea? That’s football and that’s why we all love it!”

While that may be true, Harry’s quotes will remind some Spurs fans of the excuses made after the games against the likes of West Brom and Blackpool last season. For the club to forge on, some supporters will feel that nothing less than seven points is needed from these matches.



  1. Given the recent drivel from the expert bloggers and fans regarding Spurs need to beat the likes of Swansea and Norwich, BOTH AWAY, I say… in order to win the league, no doubt any challengers should beat the bottom club at home and no-one should lose to Villa on their own patch if they’ve trophy’s in mind, right? They’ll be no-one LEFT to win it at this rate… Keep the pace. The randomness of it all must have knocked you senseless. There’s absolutely no way you or anyone else can see more than one game ahead. It’s great. Like a big finger to the sky4. Hahaha.

  2. For the record Everton and Brom have both won nearly half of their away games. Wolves have been poor away but are an enigma and have history of beating giants 0-1. Peasey-weasey.

  3. This makes me laugh because i predicted points would get harder to win during the Christmas period and beyond. There is two reasons teams will get loans and buy players to strengthen and lastly but the most telling one Work rate. This work rate or high tempo is causing upsets all over football and its because just like footballs reluctance too embrace technology they are also losing the battle too stop false tempo. The sad thing players are gaining points at the expense of there health and in some cases there lives. Recently we have had a player coming of with a rapid heart beat another feature is the weight loss and gaunt looking players. All you see at every stoppage players drinking energy drink even in the tunnel swigging drinks like they had bean in a desert with no water. If this was the only thing some players where using then i would not be worried because about 70 mins normal energy would kick in an the better teams would then win. The reality is its not and i now Kolo Toure was not alone in using other well known agents too up there work rate causing upsets dirty tackles players diving about blocking saving shot after shot defending in numbers and late late goals are all part of extra energy. The winners are bookmakers who are taking money of punters who look at the teams and back the better one and then lose there money. The funny thing is its easy too spot these energised teams because they chase the ball like there lives depended on it lose loads of weight swear at every refs whistle dive in without thinking and keep attacking till the whistle goes. All are overheated with running beyond there normal level and defend in numbers and no matter who is missing in defence there performance is not affected. This is Just another take on why punters are losing money and better teams points

  4. The playing field always levels up. All these clubs getting £60m per year just for being in a division… They’re all filthy rich, can all make use of having more money, and a few are making good use of it. The Championship clubs, too. Look at how the newbies are doing in an ever-improving league? And the difference between motivated and deflated sportsmen on a field is massive. Norwich and Swansea are not mid-table because of a drink.


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