Once again the team news focuses on Scott Parker and there is a chance that our England international midfielder could be fit to face Wolves tomorrow.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference, Harry Redknapp said,

“We’re hoping he’s going to be okay, but it was great to see Jake Livermore come in and play like he did against Everton.”

Parker for Livermore could be the only change from the side that played in midweek and if he has a chance of playing, there are two schools of thought as to whether Scott should start. On the one hand, we should always play our strongest side whenever possible but could there be a case of resting the player ahead of next week’s match with Manchester City?

The only other question is the usual one up front where it could be a choice between JD and VDV. As usual, you can probably expect the Dutchman to start barring any late fitness scares.

Here’s our team to face Wolves – what’s yours?



  1. Freidel

    Walker Kaboul Bassong Rose

    Lennon Livermore Pienaar Bale

    Defoe Adebayor

    Subs: Cudicini, Dawson, BAE, Kranjcar, Modric, VDV, Pavlychenko

    I would leave Scotty P out all together as he is on 4 bookings and one clumsy challenge on Karl Henry and he’ll miss Man City game…correct me if I’m wrong??

    • BAE on bench because….?
      McCarthy is no mug. He will assign Mr Jarvis onto the right wing and try to give inexperienced Rose a torrid time. BAE all day.

    • The benchmark for bookings moves from 5 to 10 at the midway point of the season so Scotty will be ok for the City game if he were to play and get booked against Wolves.

  2. Im hoping for Ade to score & for that I believe he needs JD alongside him, so despite leaving out VDV & switching to 4-4-2, I personally think thats whats required to get the BEST out of Ade. It also give VDV a bit of a break & allows Niko to get a 20-30 min cameo instead of VDV. Just a thought. IHIT ILIT TTID COYS

  3. same as. although Arry Corluka…. leaving out modric, bale and vdv could be a stroke of genius. couldnt rose come in for bae too?

  4. I would put Parker on the bench to see how we go with Livermore and give Defoe a run out up front but i doubt that will happen.Feel the team will be as you have picked.

  5. Im pretty sure that the deadline for 5 bookings passed now. Therefore assumings he is fit, Parker must start for me. I would also play VDV as we cant afford any injury to JD as we need him for City next week. The rest of the team picks itself. Hoping for a 3-1 win. COYS

  6. If Parker is fit, he MUST play. That Frimpong guy plus Henry are tough cookies. 3 points in the bag here is more important than planning ahead. However, if Parker does not make it, then it will have to be Livermore – with Pienaar on the bench to optionally steel things up should we need in midfield. I would rather play VDV than Defoe here, but I can fully understand the logic with those people who suggest to use Defoe vs Wolves. We ALL know that Defoe will not do ANYTHING vs City, but may be able to destroy Wolves. Vdv could have a little while longer to nurse his niggles.

  7. Personally, ithink that with city the wk after, we need to safe guard a few players from injury. Obv ade cant play nxt week so he needs to start for us against wolves.


    corluka bassong dawson bae

    Gio kranjcar livermore pienaar

    ade defoe

    subs: cudicini, kaboul, walker, parker, modric, bale, vdv
    give lennon a rest all together nn play dawson for an hour n then we fresh for city nxt week

    • Dude. We will lose with that team, and then make the trip to City pointless. Let’s say that with that team we draw, then go to City with our best team, and draw – then that is 2 points. Would it not be better to get 3 points here now, then try to use the momentum (and City’s current weaknesses) to get something at City?

  8. Look at everyone getting cocky! Resting people with a whole week before the next game?! Full strength team – no easy games. Didn’t we draw with Wolves last season?!

  9. I personally think tomorrows game is more inportant than next weeks, our aim from should be top 3, for that we must win tomorrow, if that is acheived when can afford to lose at city.

    • Whilst I agree with you, you cannot forget that (in terms of title challenge) if we were to win one game, and lose the other – then losing to Wolves and beating City would be the better way around. The City game is a 6-pointer. But better to get 3 points in the NEXT game before thinking about what comes after….

  10. There is no chance Harry will be taking this game lightly and making wholesale changes. Yes City is next week but it’s no good going into that one after dropping points here.

    Walker Kaboul Dawson BAE
    Lennon Parker/Livermore Modric Bale
    Defoe Adebayor


  11. Ridiculous to think about dropping any of our best players – we must beat Wolves. We then have 8 days to prepare for City.

    Play our best team – wolves our no pushovers.

    If all is going well and we find ourselves a few goals to the good, then by all means give the likes of Luka, Gareth and Rafa 30 mins off at the end of the match. But what is the point in turning up at the Etihad next week with some slightly fresher legs but having not beaten wolves.

    • Exactly. Good point about taking players off and resting ’em that way. Redknapp never does this – even when we were 3 goals up. Vdv is the only one taken off for a breather – usually because he gets knackered and becomes not much use….

  12. Team picks itself if Parker is fit. Would like to see Defoe get a game as he is on a hot streak.

    As for parker being on 4 yellows, i believe this has now increased to 10 after december 31st! If he gets 10 then he will miss 2 games!

    walker, kabs, daws, bae
    lennon, parker, modric, bale,
    ade and defoe

  13. Defoe usually does well against poor defenders, but playing him and Adebayor together also usually isolates them from the midfield. VdV is brilliant at linking the midfield with attack, so as long as everyone is properly fit, I’d go with the side above.

    8 days rest is more than enough recovery time, making rotation redundant.

    • I know it’s stupid to rest players for the city game, but we also just had a match on Wednesday. I’m not saying we should rest everybody but if somebody has a little knick there’s no need to push it with such a big match next week.

  14. The only ones I’d consider resting are lennon 3 games in 7 days might b a bit much after returning from hamstring injury, same goes for vdv with his history he done hamstring against chelski after playing 2 games in a wk, if parker is fit he has to start.
    Friedel walker kaboul Dawson BAE piennaer parker modric bale Defoe ADE subs cudicini bassong rose livermore lennon vdv pav


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