A potential transfer for Brazilian international striker Leandro Damiao has come sharply into focus this week as his agent starts to talk up a move abroad for his client. Damiao has emerged to become one of the hottest properties in world football and it’s hard to see how Internacional will hang on to his services for too much longer.

“From Italy there were several enquiries,” Leandro’s agent said, “but no formal negotiations with Inter or with other teams. In January, the club and the player decided to continue with a view to the Copa Libertadores.

“But in July the situation could change if there is a good deal for the club and the player.”

Since we last looked at the player’s credentials he has got even better and in all games at club level, he scored 40 times in 51 appearances.

Internacional now have the player tied to a contract until 2016 and while a fee is not mentioned, you can imagine the sort of figures that are going to be quoted.

Spurs may struggle to match any fee and subsequent wages but with the player believed to be excited by the prospect of Champions League football, a top four finish could just persuade him to make the trip to N17.



  1. The battle is on? It’s been ongoing for about 3 years now. Clearly we have something of an imbalanced system. Our scouts have identified a lot of talent, but the ‘signing on the dotted line’ bit has eluded us for the most part. That said, we’ve cut our cloth accordingly and this season is evidence that transfer splurges aren’t a necessity. But Damiao oozes class and potential, and we could have had him for about £7-8m a few years ago. Our ace in the hole might be his friendship with Sandro. If we can exploit that, we might yet get him in, but I fear our chance at Damiao has gone now the bigger clubs have (allegedly) voiced their interest.

  2. I can see a scenario where it’s Damiao or Hazard; not both. For me, we need both if we want to bridge the gap and win the league next year, but can’t see us forking out the cash. We’d have to break our wage structure and then Modders and Bale would be knocking on the door for parity…

    All this has to be speculative though – we don’t even know who the manager is going to be so to say we’re interested in these players is a bit silly. Levy isn’t going to pay millions for players when he doesn’t even know if his next manager will want them.

  3. Admit it people… He has gone out of our price range. We were only interested because we thought that we could have got him for 12m or so. Now only a moneybags team can punt on him. We would now be wiser to spend 12-17m on players with proven track record in European football.

  4. Have to agree, we should have shelled out early Daws, then allowed him to stay playing there, for the next season or so, as he seems to have progressed there nicely.
    Can’t see us shelling out for him now unfortunately.


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