Just under a week ago the Spurs official website was heaping praise on Andros Townsend after his goal and all round contribution helped Leeds United to a 3-2 win over local rivals Doncaster. However, news today confirms that the winger has returned to the club with a cry of ‘good riddance’ from Neil Warnock ringing in his ears.

“I’ve lost Townsend,” Warnock Leeds’ official website.

“I’m disappointed because we’ve lost a player, but I don’t want people who don’t want to be here so good riddance I say if it’s what he wants to do.”

“His agent told me he didn’t like here, he wasn’t happy and he hadn’t settled.

“I’ve heard that Birmingham want to sign him, I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it.

Andros featured heavily in Spurs’ Europa League campaign, scoring a spectacular goal against Shamrock Rovers but with plenty of cover in the left wing position, his opportunities must be limited. There’s no word yet as to whether Birmingham want a permanent deal but maybe it’s time for Townsend to seek a future outside of White Hart Lane?



  1. warnocks a mug, i wouldn’t want to play for him! townsend is a good back up for our pacey wingers, if lennon gets injured again stick him on the right and keep the balance

  2. This could be true about him going too Birmingham but i think he will cover for Ekooto and Rose could be out injured so Bale would have to go back in defence.

  3. He seems to be a bit of a prima donna, like so many who are young and stupid they could be talking their way out of a good career. I rate him as a player but he needs to get his head down, improve and learn the game. Bostock needs to do the same. Look at Livermore, got his head down, then got his chance and is firmly in the first team squad.

    • I think you will find this is not down to Townsend but Our ex player Chris Hughton wanted Rose but he limped of once again against Stevenage. Also Ekotto has had a small operation on his hair so this could leave us short on the left. Plus Birmingham have the next best thing playing for them i think he is 17 and we want him for our new outstanding complex opening this year Townsend will tap him for us.

  4. the kid’s what, 20? 21 in the summer? Maybe, JUST MAYBE, he wasn’t settled as it says and wants to be closer to home. Also, new manager (like him or loathe him) at Leeds and maybe doesn’t have the same plans as Grayson had for him. The “good riddance” comment makes it sound worse, but perhaps that was cos it came from his agent not Andros himself. who knows. Fact is he’s 20, played well when we’ve seen him so lets let him be. We’ve not recalled him, so Brum is likely for me. Hughton knows him so makes sense they prob had a chat. COYS

    • Aww bless him, if he is missing home! He is 20 for fuck sake, get a grip Andros and be a man. He is getting a bit of a reputation of a prima dona, he wont be a Tottenham player next season.

    • Guv is right. Cardiff-boy Gareth Bale was playing at Southampton at the age of 17 – despite there actually being a decent side there in Cardiff…. Cardiff to Southampton is a trek!

  5. Just to help some of the “dreamers” on this forum, I’d like to point out that the transfer window is closed till the end of the season. So even if Warnock had a billion pounds to spend he couldn’t use it to improve the chances of promotion this term

  6. I think Townsend left Leeds because he wasn’t playing every week and last week he scored the goal that got them back into the game and Warnock subs him off. It would be a mistake selling him because he has to much pace and he is good with both feet. Who else is going to play an effective wing. Krancjar no, Rose no.

  7. Mixed felings about his departure: he had pace, could dribble (though too often to no effect) and had decent shot on him. I would have liked to see him stay here, at least for the rest of the season as would Warnock. As a person he struck me though as a bit moody, maybe a liitle spoilt somewhere along the line: uinlike The Great Snodgrass he didn’t seem prepared to roll up his short sleeves. Still, as I say, I would have liked him to stick around, and I think it would have done him good as well – Leeds is still basically a working man’s club and he could learned from it.


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