It’s rare enough for a player to be touted as man of the match when he finishes on the losing side but when the margin of defeat is as relatively comfortable as 3-1 suggests, it’s arguably unheard of.

Until yesterday’s game at White Hart Lane, Adam Bogdan was really only known outside of Bolton for being on the wrong end of a clearance by Everton keeper Tim Howard that sailed over him and into the net. However, his heroics last night prevented a hammering in what was very much a one sided game.

Bogdan’s performance in a 5-0 defeat by Chelsea earlier in the season didn’t show the Hungarian in a terribly good light. However, a heroic effort in a 3-0 defeat against Manchester Utd, where he saved a Wayne Rooney penalty, turned some opinions round, which have no doubt been changed further by yesterday’s game.

In the meantime, Spurs have been linked with a host of keepers who are supposedly being earmarked as a long term successor to Brad Friedel. Manchester United’s Tomasz Kuszczak is one along with Zeljko Brkic of Udinese.

We wouldn’t want to upset cordial relations with Bolton by suggesting that Spurs go after their keeper but based on last night’s performance, Adam Bogdan has better credentials than any player we’ve been linked with so far.




  1. Although he was brilliant in Bolton’s defeat to Spurs last night it is still early days and he needs more solid peformances to fully convince me.

  2. The true test of a top keeper is not making 10 or 15 saves in a game – it’s making one save in the 89th minute when your team is 1-0 up.

    • I beg to differ, on the basis that it doesn’t really make sense. While I think I understand the point you’re making, It’s not properly stated. Do you mean, what separates a decent goalkeeper having a few good days and a true quality keeper is the ability to make one save in the 89th minute when your team is up 1-0?

  3. Definitely need to see more of him to be convinced. In the first fa cup match against them he looked by far the weak link. Was flapping all over the place and couldn’t catch anything. One good performance isn’t enough.

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        now would u please MIND THE FUCKING GAP?!!!!!!

        • Man City and Chelsea see the goons losing 6 points and being behind us, we of course have teams in the bottom half left to play.

          They need their 30 seconds of glory as they have gone out of every competition yet again. Be nice for them to watch us win the FA Cup then they can see what a trophy looks like.

  4. He had some good saves, but nothing especially over the top.. top class strikers would have scored some of them that he saved.

  5. Nothing against Bogdan but for that one game he has been over-rated.
    Most of the shots were straight at him. He stood out only because there were quite a few of them.
    I admit that two or three saves were quite good but there was nothing outstanding, last night.

    • Rodgers has been in the Premier league 5 minutes and has never managed any top class players. Definately not Rodgers for me or Vorm who is an excellent shot stopper but not an excellent all round keeper. Rather go for someone better like Krul.

  6. This is ridiculous.. just bcoz he had a good game against us doesn’t mean he has better credentials than others mentioned. Watch his performance over course of season & he’s a real jeckyl & hyde keeper. Henderson at wolves has had the odd good game & some stinkers just like Bogdan would that make him worth signing no.
    If u look at all starting Gk in premiership the likes of Robinson given Howard begovic mignolet & so on & so on, in fact he’s bottom 4 keepers in premiership with Al- habsi Henderson kenny.
    Krul & Vorm are top keepers I’d prefer Adler on a free now he is a top top keeper.

  7. Guys.this guy is not good at all.He had a great game yesterday but he cant do for us.We need a great keeper like Rene Adler or Krul ,stekenburg.

  8. Most of those shots, when shown in replay from the player’s angle, were right at him – or short on power and within saving distance. Much like the other 5000 shots we’ve fluffed the past two seasons. If we had an out and out goal-machine poacher (like Tevez) on the end of them, he’d have had a sore back from picking the ball out of the back of the net.

  9. Krul might see himself making a lateral move over here to Spurs. Newcastle have every right to believe they are as big a club as us. Plus, I do not see Bogdan as that far down the order from Krul. So lets not go spending on something we don’t need, unless its a much better option. Besides, I can see Brad playing for a few more years yet.

  10. Manuel Neuer is infinitely better (although Schalke look like getting into the CL, so he might not want to come). Hugo Lloris is infinitely better (and Lyon are struggling). Even Steve Mandanda is better (and Marseille are nowhere).

    I still think Gomes has had a rough deal, though. There’ve been mistakes by Friedel, saves he could possibly have made had he reacted quicker, and so on. Same with Cudicini – but nobody jumps all over them the way they do with Gomes.

    It doesn’t matter how many brilliant saves he makes, once you get the dodgy keeper tag, you can never live it down and every mistake he makes for the rest of his life will be pointed out. (So long as he stays in England.)

  11. One game doesn’t make a quality goalkeeper, besides which there is more than shot stopping to consider. Does he control the defenders in front of him? What is his distribution like, last night he just kicked it upfield and gave away possession.

    look at Gomes, brilliant one minute a liability the next. Friedel has made very few mistakes whereas Gomes made them very regularly. he saved a penalty and went charging around the box only to give another away 30 seconds later. he lets the ball through his hands against Real Madrid and against Chelsea.

    playing at a small club and performing is entirely different from playing in a successful club in the spotlight. Some can’t handle it.

  12. NO NO and NO if Adam Bogdan became our new goalkeeper I no where we are as a club and that’s not a top 4 team. What about Vorm etc someone of that class not Adam Bogdan stupid story which just pisses me of.

  13. Vorm is a good player but he needs to work on his goal kicks and his clearance.

    We need a keeper with the ball control of Reina, the kind who can release Bale and Lennon with their punt.

    Reina can do this well, no one else other than Robinson that I see possess this.

  14. Krul or Vorm for me. Both young, big and confident. Brad has been a revelation this year, instils calm like Goes never could, but he has been a stop gap. If we invest in a new GK, bring back Naughton as right side cover and then bring in Hazard and Ba (and Hoillet?) we will be in great shape next year. Expensive? Yes, but we ought to be able to raise £20-25 mil minimum by flogging Bassong, Dos Santos,Jenas, Gomes, Bentley, Corluka and Krancjar. COYS

  15. Bit early for bogdan, hes just got in the side and while the saves were good the finishing wasnt great. Krul & vorm have both had excellent seasons and would be great additions for when brad hangs up the gloves. Ruddy has had a good season at Norwich and is worth a shout in an England squad. Far better than Scott Carson and he’s been in recent squads.

  16. I was there. It was more a case of poor finishing than great goalkeeping. He was also at fault for our opener – finally a goal from a set piece! Second string keeper for Spurs at best.

  17. He left me so frustrated last night… I thought it was going to be one of those nights. I left the ground thinking, he was man of the match, and to find out he was awarded it justified his performance. He was stunning… however, I don’t think he’s good enough for us, as some people have already said, a lot of his saves were very flappy and he dropped the ball an awful lot. There were 5 defenders across the back line to hoof the ball away every time he dropped it. Maybe in a few years but a bit too milija aleksic for my liking COYS

  18. mind the gap??? yeah we will mind the gap, when we step off the train at wembley park!

    you can have 3rd (and no trophy for a 7th or 8th season, its so long i cant remember).

    we’ll have 4th and an FA cup.

    • dream on! the only thing you will win this season is arrys winning the race to be next england boss! while u deluded tots will remain tiny and forever and everrr in our shadows!!!!!!!!!!! oh and dont forget to MIND THE FUCKING GAP!!!!

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  19. Wot mind the fucking gaps? ? Wot spurs needs is vorm or krul gt in a cb get hazard n go out and get rossi gota spend big 2 stay in champs LEAUGE get rid of the shit at spurs n sign players who r guna win us some cups

  20. weve won a day out at wembley already! hopefully chelsea arent as good as that mighty birmingham side that beat you last time you were there!

    mind the gap? heres a gap, the one between today and the last time you won a trophy!

  21. Our weakness is at Corners we scored against him from a corner so my answer is no shot stoppers we have had plenty. The only all round keeper we have is Gomes and sadly he has a gaff if we could have kept this from is game he would be World class. City have a second Goalkeeper 6ft8 he would stop corner goals

  22. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen for me hes a young top quality goalkeeper from Germany who alwyas produce a top quality keeper! Hopefully Monchengladbach dont get champions league footie next year.


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