Our team to face Swansea – what’s yours?

Our team to face Swansea – what’s yours?


The major news ahead of tomorrow’s game is that Aaron Lennon is back in contention and could start on the right in a familiar line up. Aside from long term absentees Michael Dawson and Tom Huddlestone therefore, Harry is at full strength for a match which gives Tottenham the perfect opportunity for their first win in six.

“We’re pretty much okay after Tuesday night,” Harry said. “We haven’t too many more problems, most came through that game okay, so we’re fine.”

Through September and beyond, much of our best football has come from one settled starting line up. This is it and this is how we see things at the start of the game tomorrow.

So here’s our team to face Swansea but what’s yours?


  1. I think ywe have to play Defoe because he will close down their defenders and male it harder for them to play it out from the back, I’d take out VDV we need to put as much pressure on them as possible and VDV tired too quickly to consistantly do it and keep his own game at a high quality

    • Agree. Always feel Defoe has to play at home although would be harsh to drop VDV.
      Can’t see Lennon starting after a hamstring injury.

      • Why Van has only scored one goal since October and made none he is a great luxury we cant afford. Strikers thrive on game time yet Harry completely ignores Defoe even when he has scored. How many games have we failed to score early with this combination Ady Van and wasted 45 mins. When Ady plays with Van he is over worked and has to come back and retrieve the ball with Saha and Defoe he plays more central and if he is not scoring he is making chances for Defoe or Saha. We are at home Harry needs to play two strikers and go for the goals early before the Tempo increases and time on the ball is limited. Swansea have a big Chelsea connection and they will do anything to beat us for there rich owner ABV

        • … and more often than not Defoe fails to deliver even after moaning all the time that he doesnt play he does nothing when given games.

  2. wouldn’t be suprised if harry went with 4-3-3/4-5-1 which seems to be developing nicely, making us harder to beat and keeping lennon on the bench as an option later in the game. have to play VDV in my opinion, makes things happen and fits into any formation, although defoe is a great goalscorer it does mean we are fairly predictable when he plays.

  3. I have to agree, we have perfect balance with Bale and Lennon on both wings, but so difficult to change the team that overran Bolton midweek, I thought Livermore played his best game in a Spurs shirt so far.

    • We overrun them and had to rely on 34 year old Nelson to get us on the score sheet you need to look at the states with 422 v 4411 or 451 you would be amazed how many games we have lost and drawn with 4411 or 451. This is our most productive pairing Defoe and Ady and Lennon and Bale on the Wings this team is slow slow slow build up Bale Van Parker Livermore (Sandro) Modric

  4. I wouldn’t say I wish Tottenham any luck at all, but Defoe should be starting regularly if your lot are to get some consistence. Do away with Adebayor too. And how come I don’t see any Assou Ekotto in the lineup.

    Good luck to Swansea. Up the Arsenal!!!

  5. Friedel, walker, kaboul, gallas, bae, bale, parker, Livermore or sandro, modric, vdv, ade. Lennon to replace vdv at some point

  6. You spud are s*it your squad is not strong enough to overtake arsenal we may have lost but i can guarantee you’ll lose. You spuds will never be a force in the english game unless you can finally overtake your rivals LONDON IS RED!!

    • Yo blud you talking poop and embarassing Arsenal. We have been lucky in the last month whilst Tottenham have been very unlucky.
      Benjamin Morgan i have read your views before, you are an idiot.

  7. asylum seeke gunner you aren’t an arsenal fan to say weve been lucky the past month shows what an absoulute twat you are 5-2 spurs 7-1 blackburn desreved wins against newcastle and sunderland your bloody joke we were only lucky against liverpool you spak


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