Well, we’re down to the bare bones again so is there much to discuss when it comes to predicting this starting XI?
Firstly, here is what Harry had to say with regards to injuries,
“Younes is struggling for this week, but we’ll take it week to week with him, but Niko is out for the season.”
There are also stories that Ledley King is struggling to make it so we’ve gone for Nelsen and Gallas here. The only other debatable position is on the right wing where we’ve gone for Sandro above Lennon.
Elsewhere on the pitch, is there really anyone challenging for positions? What would you do to shake things up a bit?
There has been a suggestion of moving Sandro back into defence in place of Nelsen / King. Could Danny Rose be used on the left?
Others have looked at Luka Modric and questioned whether he should be dropped. Could Jake Livermore be accommodated somewhere?
Up front, what is our best combination out of the three strikers + VDV?
Here is our team – we don’t think there will be any surprises – but what would you do if you wanted to change it all around?




  1. i would play 4-2-3-1 with parker and sandro playing infront of a weakend defence
    walker nelson gallas bae
    parker sandro
    vdv modric bale
    either modric or vdv behind adebayor and if we are looking for a result the NO 4-4-2

  2. I think part of key for today is to bring some aggression, tempo and urgency to the game.. won’t be easy as they’ve won last 3 at home incl Arsenal so need to get in their faces..4-2-3-1
    Walker….whoevers fit…………Nelsen…………BAE
    Nelsen is a role your sleeves up get it done kind of player that’s needed atm
    Sandro playing will allow Parker to be more disciplined positionally and feed Modric..recent games he’s drifted to far which will allow Modric to dictate in best role. Sandro just in front [at the base of a shallow V in the 3] more aggressive play can get in the faces of QPR midfield, press high up the field, allowing Parker to act as DM dropping deeper to cover for lack of pace at cb

  3. In the last 3 or 4 matches have you noticed how bad scotty and sandro have played , scot’s running around like a headless chicken and sandro just keeps on giving away fouls i think we need better quality holding midfielders than these two.

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  5. Well, thats that. Even with a good run in, we can’t seem to beat the easy schedule. Looking at the whole, its not over yet, so I won’t say it, but I won’t hold my breath either. Chelsea and Newcastle have to draw, even better, Newcastle will play a determined Man City, so it’s probably better if they lose to Chelsea AND Man City, we need help at this moment, but sadly, we are not helping ourselves. Beaten by Norwich and QPR. Sad. Catching Arsenal is out of the question, we need to fight for CL qualifying. 4th is ever important, or I believe we are seeing the last of this very good squad. I can’t wait another 10 years for a chance at sustained success. And I don’t mean 5-7 place every year after we have tasted 3rd for so long this year, and CL last year. Our appetites have been perked, and we will not stand for anything less. However delusional we are as fans, we are deserving. Spurs can do it, we have shown it, but the fickle nature of players hearts, I can’t help to be depressed to feel the players are looking elsewhere for success. They will not stay if we do not have the leaders who have the resolve to stay and be a talisman of sorts for this club, like a Gerrard for Liverpool or Baines for Everton. I know we need to get great players here into White Hart, but we also need great ones who share the love for the club and want to stay. That is what frustrates me most, our great players always linked for leaving and them wanting to leave. That sucks.


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