With the issue of the England manager settled for now, thoughts are rapidly turning to the future of Harry Redknapp at Spurs. Chairman Daniel Levy seems set to leave any talks until the end of the season which seems logical, given the club’s push to remain in the Champions League places.

Amidst talk of dressing room dissent in some quarters, Rafael van der Vaart is the first to come out, post Hodgson, and offer his support to the manager.

“The England situation wasn’t a problem, but I am happy he is staying,” VDV said. “He is doing a fantastic job here and it’s important for any club that a manager stays as long as possible, especially here.

“It’s his fourth season and every year he has done well, so I think everybody is happy about it. He is a special manager. He always gives you a lot of confidence and it is not as though he is on your case the whole time.”

Rafa also hinted that the players as a whole were happy with Harry,

“He talks with the players so we are happy with him,” he added “and you could see last night that we wanted to fight for him. Winning is always a medicine but when we lose, we have to be critical of ourselves. I had a few really bad games but everything has changed now, hopefully at the right time.”

Speculation may continue until the end of the season but Rafael van der Vaart at least seems to want Harry at the Lane.




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