Emmanuel Adebayor’s early strike in the 2-0 defeat of Fulham yesterday meant that he finished the season with 18 goals in 36 appearances but will this be his first and only campaign in a Lilywhite shirt?

It has seemed at times that Ade has been on the periphery of some matches but add in 11 assists and it’s clear that the striker has played a significant part in Tottenham’s top four finish at the end of 2011-12. Overall, his performances have left Harry Redknapp claiming that he would like Ade to stay but his comments hinted at yet another loan deal.

“He was only on loan and his loan is up,” Harry said. “It is up to the chairman if we could loan him again. I would like to keep him, obviously. He has done great for us.

“But I don’t know. We don’t pay them wages – the only way we could do a deal was if the chairman did a clever deal like he did this year for him.”

Harry also went on to state that it was unlikely for the player to resume his career at Manchester City.

“They don’t want him. They don’t want to see him ever again, if we are being honest,” he added. “They want him out of the way and that is why they let him go.”

So has Ade done enough for us to pursue his services and if a permanent deal cannot be arranged, is another loan a decent option or should we be looking for another striker this summer?



  1. With dos Santos and Defoe both likely to leave, I wouldn’t be against bringing Ade back on loan as well as signing Loic Remy and perhaps one more striker. Maybe Berba, yes, yes, I know fans will need convincing after the way he left us, or possibly even Drogba. Actually, Rodallega could be another option since his contract with Wigan is up.
    Over all of them, I’d personally rather we bought Leandro Damiao.

    • More like NO FUCKING WAY!!!

      I like Ade, but the problem I have with him is how much does he really want it! I don’t think he’ll have a better season than this with us, especially if we start paying him stupid money.

      Like a slag on a friday night, we got what we wanted, now have fuck off and have a nice life!

  2. I’m all for getting Ade on loan again for another season and then adding another striker to the ranks. Ideally, if we get CL next week I would love to see us go for Llorente. I’ve always been a big Defoe fan, but Harry’s clearly not these days, so would not be surprised to see him move on. What we also have to sort (ideally before the Euros) is three other positions: Goalie, centre back, and right midfield. If we can get Vertonghen and recall Caulker to add to Kaboul, Dawson and Gallas then great, this would leave a decision to make with King and Nelson. For right midfield, my choice would be one of Krasic or Elia, with Townsend as a squad backup.

    • Time to get Verthongen, krasic/moses, Llorente, Remy, & Foster!!! Hope Blackpool batter the Clammers this weekend!!!!

    • shut up!! you got 3rd because of a dodgy keeper and only finished one point above us… The “GAP” really is starting to close. deep down you and all the rest of you wollwhich scum. are bricking it for next season!! when we have kept all are star players and added a couple and you have sold your one star player and replaced him with an average one!! bring on next season can’t wait to see you struggling to keep up with fulam….. Now go and comment on your own forums and be happy with what you have got this season because it will be as high as you finish for a fair few seasons!! COYS!!!!

  3. Have fun keeping
    Adebayor – on loan
    Modric – hates spuds
    Bale – can’t stop flirting with barca. Only 3 good players on your whole squad lol. 13point gap, what gap?
    Coys – Can Only Yearn Success

  4. 50years potless, bill nicholsen will be turning in his grave, spuds are a disgrace to north london, modric should just leave this swine club.
    COYS – Can Only Yearn Success

  5. No. Ade has been excellent. But we have already seen the best of him. If we signed him (somehow), he would lose it – as he has shown at all previous clubs. Let’s sign someone like Ade, but not Ade.

  6. Arsenal Fan here…

    I genuniely hope that Bayern win the champions league next week.

    Two reasons: I despise Chelsea and seeing the scum pick up that Trophy, being the first London side to do so, would do my head in… Secondly, you deserve to have a shot at the qualifyers. Played so well until February and I know it feels to have your side collapse in the later stages of a season that promised more!

  7. ade was better than what we had but is not what we want. we want a big strong c/f with a good shot in both feet who is fast & attacks the ball in the box,in other words another CHIVERS. anyone seen one about anywhere.the only bloke i have seen lately is that spanish geezer. GO GET HIM LEVY

  8. Er. Mind the Gap?
    Luxuriating in another season of domination over the N17 misfits. Move to Essex please. Release North London from your team’s noxious fumes that we may breathe more deeply the purer air from N5 and Ashburton Grove. Go on skedaddle out of there!

    • Well done Peter. Only an inadequate cretin would come on here and post a comment with no relevance to the article. Perhaps Peter’s carer is also challenged by the English language- a very common affliction around the N5 district. The purified air in North London,where Tottenham have always been resident obviously seduced Arsenal to denounce Wooolwich and become immigrants joining us indigenous North Londers..So sad to have to gloat about finishing ONE point,wow, nearly 1 1/2%, and the SAME goal difference. Streets ahead? In case Peter is challenged with maths also, the gap has diminished to the minimum possible and momentum has seen Spurs points level inexorably increasing whilst Arsenal is plummeting. Not a comforting trajectory for Peter. Sorry to us a grown up word but hey trying to plumb the depths to explain in neanderthal terms is not easy. As the article and headline bear no mention of the Nomads, it begs the question of why Peter finds so little of interest in the media about his(?) own club that he has to search the internet to find an article on Spurs to comment on. Sad troll springs to mind.

  9. Oi Peter ark at that middle class little weasel. It’s the first time I’ve felt sorry for the spuds, having some like that following ya, but that’s where the games gone wrong to many mickey mouse surpporters COYI!

  10. City will surely want to unload unless they lose Z and/or Tevez. Otherwise, we should pick him up if he is willing to take half his pay, and even then, thats still too high.

  11. i’m sorry about this, i hope bayern do chelsea next week and ur in the champions league as u are a proper club. (still 61, never again etc..) but you don’t want this guy for another year. he tries when he wants. if he was a proper player he would be having a good career with a top club. instead he’s some sort of whore who will bang in a few goals when the team is playing well, but he’s never there when u need him. i didnt like him when he left for city, but when he went to spurs?!?!?! although champions league football will be big for u next year, qualification won’t be easy. let’s see what players u can attract, cos obviously harry will piss money up the wall. that’s his style. p.s NORTH LONDON IS OURS (weren’t u moving to stratford?)

    • actually, bloody hell! u’ve finished above chelsea with their criminal money laundering owner and liverpool who spend over 100 mil. congrats to u. (71, 2004!) sorry couldn’t resist

      • i’m not a dick head, i hope u know that. but we’ve won the league twice at shite hart lane since u won it last time. just don’t get ahead of yourselves

        • Take your word for it? We have enough bafoons on our side, but really, Arse fans come across as bullys. We know we aspire to become a bigger club in the world, not just in London. So many trolling fans I swear, on both side.

  12. We got what we deserved. How anyone can honestly suggest we have a better team than arsenal after they finished above us is beyond me. I can see bale and modric going in the summer if Chelsea win on Saturday. The way this season has ended is a disgrace and there’s too many people looking for excuses.

  13. I mean why are all this spurs fans saying my beloved Gunners are just only one point ahead, i mean after all the NOISE you guys made earlier, the only dignity you should have is just to accept that arsenal will be forever greater lol. I predict that we buy modric just as we took campbell from you guys and win the title next season! woohoo haha can only dream, but seriously spurs fans, seems i’d support bayern also this saturday.. but at least my heart wont be pounding


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