All the talk about Steven Pienaar at the end of the season has been in regards to whether he will return on a permanent basis to Everton or not. The other option is of course to keep him but if the Toffees are stuck when it comes to finding the cash, maybe there will be other offers.

Stories emerging in the last 24 hours are suggesting that Sunderland will make a formal £5m bid once the transfer window opens for the summer.

After arriving at the Stadium of Light earlier this year, it seems fairly certain that Martin O’Neill will be a busy man in the market as he looks to put his stamp on the club. While the money was on a move to Everton, could Steven Pienaar find himself playing his football in the North East?



  1. Pienaar could easily refuse to move to Sunderland. If he holds out for a move to Everton and refuses to negotiate with anyone else Super Dan’s hands will be tied.

    Even if Everton can’t match Sunderland’s bid, we may be forced to accept it just to get Pienaar off the wage bill.

    It may be a better alternative to keep him but he gets paid pretty well for someone who is never going to be more than a squad player at WHL.

  2. The guy was never given a real chance. He has talent but needs a run in a decent position in the team. I agree that if we are not going to use him why sign him? I can see you making a case to sign Nelson, who is in the twilight of his career and can be a stop-gap fill in if needed, but Pienar is mid-career and has a lot to offer a club where he is really wanted.

    • Pine had plenty of chances to “make a difference” in a match and he just doesn’t have it. Harry makes reasonable choices on bubble players who have enough spark that they MIGHT find their ambrosia when entered into the mix. Pine did not pan out, but with Harry’s purse, I can understand why he gambles on such players.

  3. Just use him Harry he scores more goals than Modders if he is played in his favoured position, we all have favoured positions!!!HHXX

  4. Sunderland may offer more money,but Pienaar won’t want to go to the north east. I reckon he’ll stay at Spurs rather than go there.

  5. If Everton want him then lets talk Baines, Barkley or Rodwell. Got an opportunity to get a player using a bargaining chip.

    Maybe use GDS to get a foreign talent.

    Then again, Harry want play them!!! Stick with what you know…..triffic.

  6. Wow, it really is Friday night and all you ‘Cock an knees’ have had a couple of lager tops again, Baines to Spurs really? You talk of players bettering thierselves with talk of Baines to Spurs,go and have a have a word, if he’s going anywhere its up a notch rather than a sideways move cos lets face it, spend your mills and finish fourth, great going Harwy. He’s better off at Goodison & England for the forseeable!! COYBs

  7. There is more chance of you getting messi than baines. Do you spurs fans really think you have that sort of pulling power. Can I just remind you, you never win anything! If baines goes, and we doubt he will, it will be to somewhere where he has a chance of a league title, rather than an outside chance of a coca cola cup! Spurs have Delusions of grandeur based on nothing. We will take pienaar, and you can have 4 mill for Harry to replace Modric and bale who will be off looking for glory. Mugs.

  8. Why on earth would Spurs want Baines? He is short and slow, remember how Lennon skunked him this season just see how he will be exposed at the Euros. Anyrate we should not let Pienar go back to Everton–just look at what Everton fans think of Spurs. Better to keep him and sell him in the following season. Having played a full season at WHL he will be worth more than 4 millon.

  9. You lot really are a sorry bunch of cunts.

    Fucked again by Arsenal. You pissed it all away, probably your best chance in years, you fucking mugs.


  10. Fair to say we ballsed it up by only reaching 4th place, then again we ‘mugs’ did at least make it into the champions league and made a decent crack at it… Unlike the blue half of Merseyside that were mugged by Villarreal.


    • Stop talking, are you trying to let chelsea win. We as fans cannot say that Bayern going to win. Champs league is not a certainty and all we can do is pray for a Bayern win.

  11. Your right we were mugged by villaReal and uefa as soon as Liverpool won it our card was marked, uefa had to cheat to make sure we were knocked out unfairly by a stupid balldy headed cunt brought out of retirement for one game, remember Villarreal were semi finalist that year and couldn’t beat us fairly, anyway enough about that my point was I did want Munich to win tonight to let you lot have another crack at it but after reading some of your comments on here and other spurs sites I couldn’t give a shit who wins tonight you lot are a bunch or arrogant losers who haven’t won the league in over 50 years but think you have a god given right too and Chelsea fans are disrespectful scumbags who again without abramovich hadnt won the league for even longer than you lot at least arsenal have a history or winning things without cheating or buying it there about the only proper BIG club in London

  12. I don’t like the unnecessary animosity being brought on here by my fellow blues. I’ve always liked Spurs as a club and hope your good selves (and hopefully us in the near future) continue to brake up the clubs that feel they have am ordained right to the Champions League.

    There is no way you’ll be able to factor Baines into a deal though. The fan who thinks he is rubbish and slow obviously has never watched him. He’s a class act and wouldn’t look out of place in any team. He’s loyal though and wouldn’t push for a move. Someone would have to pay silly money to prise him away. Same with Barkley, looks like he will be a quality player and we have him on a long contract.

    Rodwell will develop into a good Premiership player but he’s never going to be a world beater. You’d have to pay a lot to get him and I think you’d be dissapointed in your money’s worth.

    I prefer Modric as a player, but Pienaar is class and your fans who don’t rate him just haven’t seen what he is capable of. He belongs at us and if you hold out for too much then I hope he digs his heels in and refuses to move to somewhere like Sunderland, Stoke and QPR. If he doesn’t come back to us I’d like to see Jim do well for you.

    Good luck for next season!


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