Tottenham’s Mexican international Giovani Dos Santos is currently away with his national squad as they prepare for a 2014 world cup qualifier but he intends to sort out his club future on his return. Surprisingly, Gio has even hinted that he might still be at White Hart lane next season.

“I don’t know about my future,” he said.

“I want to concentrate on the national team, but after that I will speak to the chairman to see what is going to happen to me.

“You never know in football. You have to try to do your best to get chances. Maybe I will go, maybe I will stay.”

There were talks over a possible move to Villarreal which seem to have been aborted after the Spanish club were relegated but the player suggests that there’s nothing much on the table.

“I don’t have any other offers at the moment. I will speak to my manager and we will see in a few weeks what will happen with my future,” he added.

With Spurs in the Europa League again, there will at least be some first team football on offer at Spurs but why would Gio happy enough to sit on our bench rather than move on?



  1. Gio has more to offer “Spurs” than 6 other players.Find his best position,has class,skill,needs confidence,world cup young player award of competition.Follow him In Mexican
    match World cup qualifier!!
    I`v seen them all over the years,World Cup 1982
    met teams Brazil,Argentina,Italy training & playing in Barcelona. Managed for12years junior level.School team
    with Johnny Haynes Edmonton,what an area to grow up in!!

  2. I have spoken many times about GIO .I watched him play for Barca B .Then again Barca’s 1st team .His talent was awesome and to say i was happy when we signed him was an under statement .People slate him on Spurs forum’s but i do not see how they can .Harry treats him as bad as any manager does .GIO will come on and play as good as anyone else.If he starts GIO and Gio performs well .Harry will then leave him out of the next squad.I would love Gio to stay and be given a proper run in the team.

  3. Paul Jones, I too would like to have seen more of Gio, I too was amazed when we signed him from Barca, then I looked at his attitude and it stinks, and understand why Barca offloaded him, he doesn’t put the effort in to concentrating on his game he would rather put it into painting the town red at night. He has very poor work ethics, IF and that’s a HUGE IF he would work on his professional conduct he would inevitably get more game time and yes we would all see the better side to Gio, unfortunately I can’t see this happening…

  4. Smells a bit like Taraabt/kevin prince boateng if you ask me; which you havent so I will end this transimission here.

    Stir Crazy!

    Where the fricking hell is vertonghen?


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