Michael Dawson has missed such a proportion of Spurs’ games over the last two seasons that he is in danger of becoming a forgotten man. Several people who have been asked to predict Tottenham’s central pairing for next season have mentioned Vertonghen (hopefully), King (occasionally) and the likes of Caulker and Kaboul.

We all know however that Harry likes playing Michael and if the manager stays and Dawson is fit, this is likely to be one of the first names on the team sheet.

There are some predictable observations that the player might be injury prone but he insists that the latest problem was just a freak occurrence.

“The injury itself was just a freak,” he said. “It was just one of those things that happen – there’s nothing you can do about it – but I knew as soon as it happened that it was serious.

“I tried to get up again and when I failed I realised I was in trouble. I knew straight away that England would not be an issue for me this summer.”

In the meantime, Dawson has been working on his fitness and is currently targeting pre-season.

“Now all I want to concentrate on is getting myself fully fit because I’m already looking forward to pre-season,” he added.

“Normally I rest for about three weeks during the break before starting to plan for the following term by keeping myself ticking over with some stamina work – but this time I’m going away to get myself fit throughout the summer.

“I’m determined to make up for lost time, have a good season and play lots of games. I’m single-minded in that because you realise how much you love the game when participation’s taken away from you.”

If things go according to plan, Michael will be fit and ready for the beginning of 2012-13 but will he be the first name on Harry’s team sheet?



  1. He may not be first choice. But he would walk into any team outside the top 6 in england and would compliment Kaboul. Not a back player to have in reserve that is for sure. Far better than Nelson… Would have been a different story this year if he was fit and we didnt need to play an injured King against Norwich.

  2. There’s only one Dawson to line up at the comedy club and that’s the great Les Dawson. COME ON YOU IRONS

  3. Vertongen and Kaboul is what we all want.Dawson and Caulker next alternatives.King and Gallas for smaller cup-ties. Sell Bassong and let go of Nelsen. 6 quality CB’s for next season would do. VERTONGHEN IS A MUST


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