Another story that appeared on social media yesterday but failed to go any further concerned Tottenham’s centre half Steven Caulker. Those reports suggested that former Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers was set to make the defender his first signing at Liverpool but as soon as the Harry rumours appeared, the reports vanished.

There is no follow up this morning but to many Spurs fans this would be a concern. Caulker impressed while on loan with Rodgers at Swansea last season and his career seemed to be following a similar progression to that of Kyle Walker. Like Walker, there is still an opportunity for the player to step in as first choice in his position for 2012/13 but what happens now?

The appeal of travelling to Merseyside to play under a manager he knows must be hard to resist, particularly if first team football is on offer. Whether there is any truth to this or if it’s idle gossip, it may force Spurs to give Caulker his chance – after all, if he’s good enough to play for Liverpool’s first team at present then surely he’s good enough for us?



  1. Well we have been better than liverpool for the last 2 years, and if we sign Jan then he and kaboul will be 1st choice, but yes, caulker is good enough to keep around and should not be sold

  2. I can’t believe we are being linked to Olsson of WBA when we have Caulker in our squad who in my opinion is as good if not better.

  3. We can’t sell caulker!! he is class and is a future captain of club and country!! He signed a new deal recently so don’t think he will be going anywhere!

  4. Caulker is class he needs regular football so he can replace king. But to walk in the Liverpool 1st side is not difficult as Downing is good enough for Liverpool but is not good enough for spurs

    • Matt Caulker wouldnt make Liverpools first 20 mate and Downing would not have kept his place if he were at Blackburn that means nothin.

  5. He won’t be sold, so don’t worry.
    But if he can secure the same loan to Swansea – even without Rodgers, I think that will be best. It is a blow that Rodgers left, but the next manger will not be able to undo all that preceded him. Let’s see Caulker put under pressure back in that Swansea team. He would progress more there than play second or third fiddle to the first choice CBs. No point in making him sit on the bench.

  6. I think the title of this should be good enough for Rodgers good enough for Spurs.

    Rodgers has a great eye for a player. If he wants him at Liverpool it just re-affirms what we all think already: the boy is going to be a class act.

    • I think we are about to see if Rodgers has a great eye for a player. We haven’t seen it yet – he hasn’t had cash until now. How many managers go from no cash to being minted – then blow it on ill-advised purchases. Namely Curbishley, Bruce, Hodgson….

  7. With all these managers who leave lesser clubs they try to buy their old players and turn the new club into an expensive version of the old one , so Liverpool will become the English Swansea spend a shoot load of money again and end up in mid table. Sorry Brenden but glad you are not at Spurs

    • what planet are you on ,never heard so much rubbish and if rednapp had left for the england job you would have loved rogers at spurs the swans played spurs off the park this season and you would love to see footy like that at white hart lane .

      • “the swans played spurs off the park”: I recall a draw in Wales and a resounding Spurs win at the Lane. Do you watch football?

        • aint missed a swans game for 25 years ,a draw at the liberty and how lucky you was even rednapp said it himself , is that what you call a result for a so called top 4 team because if you was there you would have known what the comment was referring to ,how much live football do you watch ? or are you an arm chair supporter ?

  8. Being good enough for liverpool does not equate to being good enough for Spurs. Most of the Liverpool first team wouldnt be good enough for Spurs

  9. Will be so annoyed if Caulker goes. Great talent, but will be hard to fit in the first team next season. Needs another loan but to who? Everton, Sunderland standard?

  10. WHAT’s this, “If it’s good enough for Liverpool, it’s good enough for Spurs”, crap? How dare they compare us to Liverpool? We have better players, better position in the league, a better manager. If it’s good enough for Spurs, then it must be far too good for Liverpool.

    • Agree with you on everything but the better manager, Rodgers could be top class. While Redknapp is and will always be a mangy mutt.

  11. Hi Guys, Defensively we are strong so we would not need him, in Agger and Skrtel, we have two quality centre backs, we also have Wilson and Coates as well as Kelly, as cover, agreed we paid over the oddsfor Downing,yet his performances for the most part were good, If I where you I would worry more about a manager, if Harry is wanted, sign him and back him, if not well you guys know about trying to find a good manager,more than most, ps if he does go, good luck keeping Modric and Bale.

  12. Caulker is class ! thats coming from a swansea fan who would love to see him back for next season spurs would be foolish to sell him, future england star !

  13. Really?? Spurs fans getting a little bit
    Above their station here I think, yes they
    Have finished above Liverpool for the last
    two seasons but as someone impartial if
    I was looking at the two clubs I know which
    I would consider to be the bigger club and
    its not in London!!! I think Liverpool have
    Fallen away a little recently but as for Spurs
    it looks like Harry wants off ( still wouldnt be
    overly shocked to see him in the dugout at
    Stamford Bridge sometime soon)and if he goes
    several players will follow him out the door and
    let be honest here Spurs owners have had very
    deep pockets and short arms over the last couple of
    windows (linked with everyone but buying no-one) so you could come down to earth with a big bump soon.

    • Your are stupid steve8472, your comment suggest that you are a idiot, Spurs getting above their station. We’ve been far above your station for quite sometime. I dont think Redknapp will walk out on Spurs, rather shown the door most likely. He played a childish game, believing all the hype from the press that he would be the next messiah in charge of the England team and by stalling in the hope of a call from the FA, blew his chance when Levy offered him a new 4 years contract. Now he wants to play kiss and make up and continue as it it all didnt happen. As for him turning up in the Chelsea dug out is laughable. You and the randoms masquerading as journalists for the low class press think that all of a sudden Redknapp is golden bollocks, the best thing since sliced bread, a cross between Arthur Daly and the pied piper of Hamlin and if he goes the players will follow him out the door. Total crap, You must be on some sort of medication or eating too many rats in you scouse kingdom and it’s getting to that little brain of yours.

  14. Yes, pool have fallen a bit. But financially and cloutwise, they still push their way against clubs like us, so if they want him, they most likely will get him. Especially if he is still not first team guaranteed. Still, I will be sad to see him go, he is the type of player we should not be selling.

  15. Being good enough for Liverpool doesn’t make some one good enough for Spurs. Their squad is a lot weaker than ours and they have a lot of gaps to fill. Spurs have far fewer gaps and some remarkably talented players.

    That said, Caulker is a good young player and I’d be surprised if Spurs were going to let him go.

  16. Steve8472

    last three seasons. Spurs have finished above liverpool – comfortably – for the last three seasons.

  17. Nearly forgot…. Ha ha ha ha ha
    yeah he’s going nowhere!!!! So
    Let’s see who makes a run for the
    door first after Harry…Bale is my bet
    Now do any spurs fans want to tell
    me he’s going nowhere too???


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