The answer to that question depends on which newspaper you read with some sections of the media claiming that the appointment of Andre Villas-Boas is set to be announced while others report that the issue is far from settled and are even introducing new names into the mix.

According to the Evening Standard, AVB has now turned down the ongoing approach from Sao Paulo and has held talks with Daniel Levy this week with a view to signing a three year deal.

Elsewhere however, the name of Didier Deschamps has emerged with reports that the Frenchman is on the point of walking out on Marseille.

As far as the betting is concerned, AVB is as short as 1/8 with some bookmakers with Deschamps out at 66/1. The latter suggestion therefore seems unlikely but could the story finally be finalised before the end of this week?



  1. Got this picture in my head of AVB, Jan and Sigurdsson being announced all together.

    This would be a move by Levy to boost the club post Harry ‘Bobby Moore never got rotated’ Redknapp and ease the sale of Modders.

  2. I agree 100% with Dannyspurs.
    I didn’t realise that AVB can’t actually sign for another English club till July 1st, it all makes sense to me now.
    Harry was sacked, Levy knew full well he couldn’t ‘officially’ appoint AVB till July 1st, but he has been in contact and its AVB that has been instructing Levy on what players to move for.
    I would also expect Daniel Sturridge to follow any new signings in through the door, meaning that potentially, we sign Vertonghen, Sigaurdsson and Sturridge, all for the price we receive for Modric.
    The minimum i would expect to be left over after that is £20mil, allowing us to got get Ba and a goalkeepr.

    • I should clarify, when i say ‘minimum left over’, i mean we sell Modric for £30mil, the cost of the 3 players i mentioned will be about £30mil.
      We SHOULD have had a transfer budget allocated for this summer, and that should not be affected by a modders sale.

      • Don’t get me wrong replacing Modric will be hard, but we can’t have this BS every summer, it undermines the club. He either signs a new contract or we sell him abroad this summer.
        I’d accept 30m + Sahin from Real Madrid. Then we focus on at least 3 new strikers, back up left back and a back up right winger who could hopefully play both wings. I make the assumption extra funds have been kept aside for the new manager (Levy has been planning this for months).
        I’m excited about the new season. We were never going to improve next season (i.e. 3rd or above) unless we made big changes.

  3. AVB is the man, but I want to see us bring in, Vertyonghen, Ollson, Sigursson, Sahin (part of Modric deal), Remy, Adebayor. Out with JJ, and Bentley. Give Gio a chance. And what about the Thudd, where do you see him fitting in?

    Starting eleven against Toon.

    New goalie, Walker, vert, Kaboul, Ollson, Sandro, parker, Remy, Sigursson, Bale, Adebayor HHXX

    • Are you seriously saying you would prefer Olson to BAE? I love the little fella.
      Yes, he makes silly decisions now and then. But they are getting fewer by the season. I think he has matured. And we need a ball playing left back.

      AVB, Vertoghnen, Sahin, Gylfi (what a marvelous name) a wing who can cover both flanks and Ade plus another striker.
      I love Modric, but sell him. He doesn’t want to be here.
      Try to get a bit of money for the fringe players AVB doesn’t want work with. And we still have cash to spare for January.


    • Who is Ollson?
      Modric for 30mil and Sahin would be amazing! A young replacement ready to step in and 30 mil into the general transfer fund.

      By all accounts AVB would like to play a 4-3-3, where the middle would be a defensive mid, a box-to-box type, and a playmaker. I think Parker as the DM and Sandro as the box-to-box with Livermore and Hudd able to cover either. We could use a good u-19 understudy here who could get good experience without being upset at not too much playing time.
      Sahin, VdV, and Gio could all rotate through the playmaker role. Gylfi could also fit in either here or possibly the b2b role.

  4. Just read an excellent suggestion on another site, everytime we score, we the fans all crouch down AVB style as a show of support, of city can do the Poznan, we can do this!!

  5. I hope AVB has BAE and VDV as first names on his team sheet, GDS to get a chance – all those with two letter initials can do one

    • I have to wonder how well VdV would fit into AVB’s system? Gylfi and Gio seem like they might be a better fit. VdV’s great, but I can’t see AVB playing a 4-4-1-1 just to accommodate him.

      I wouldn’t mind Modric for Sahin +30 (is there any substance to that at all or is that just something people have been dreaming about?) and VdV for Gylfi (directly or sell and then buy with the cash).

  6. Honestly this is the biggest gamble. Could work wonderfully, or he could be fired before the end of the year. lol.


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