Yesterday’s transfer link connected Spurs with non-prolific Roma striker Marco Borriello but today’s rumour will probably unite every supporter in the wish that it goes away as quickly as it arrived.

At the end of last week, it was reported that German side Hoffenheim were looking to offload former Liverpool and Ajax player Ryan Babel. As this week has progressed, Fulham, Newcastle and now Spurs have been mentioned in connection with a bid.

On the plus side, Babel would be available for around £3m but is there really any point in Spurs pursuing this one?



  1. On the final day of the transfer window a few years ago it was rumoured that he was flying down to sign for us in a helicopter. My entire family hoped for it to crash so we didn’t end up with him.

  2. For £3m and a big cut in his wages, as was reported, he could be a great cheap back up to Lennon. He has pace and would mean we don’t have to change our system when Aaron starts suffering from his hamstring problems again !!

  3. He has pace, but doesn’t use it much, losing the ball in the middle of some trick instead. He also crosses ALMOST as well as Downing (ie VERY badly) but shoots EVEN WORSE that Downing (ie VERY VERY badly). A man motivated solely by his next paycheck.

  4. The low class press mainly from the UK, Italy and Spain, has attached so much flotsam and jetsam to Spurs it’s unbelievable. Even the States has started getting involved. I bet Spurs has no knowledge of these supposed targets and when the said players denies that they are looking to leave their clubs, the press claim that said players have snubbed Spurs advances. The press love making up stories, afterall it helps to sell their papers.

  5. Take no notice this is the KGB working for ABV so hthe can get Hulk cheaper. He is very pissed of with Spurs and AVB slagging is club of has badly run and judging by the 100 million they will have spent he is right. I have hear Chelsea could be kicked out of the Champs league for a breach of fair play league rules my son in law drives Plattini round in s Merc and overheard him talking about expulsion of Chelsea Malaga and Psg



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