Scott Parker has been troubled with an Achilles problem since the final few games of 2011-12 and according to new head coach Andre Villas-Boas, the midfielder may miss the start of the season.

Scott is currently being assessed as to whether he needs surgery ahead of the kick off.

“There might be a small tear on his Achilles,” said Villas-Boas.

“We are at the moment evaluating the situation regarding a possible operation that can take four to six weeks normally to heal.”

If the operation goes ahead then Parker will miss the opener against Newcastle and he is unlikely to feature in England’s plans for their initial internationals at the start of the season.

In addition, AVB is looking at a new club captain to replace Ledley King although a brief spell on the sidelines might not necessarily rule Scott out – particularly when you consider Ledley’s own injury record.




  1. Gonna be a big big loss. Glad we’ve got Hudd back and Sandro will be ok though he’s not as good as Parker.
    Achilles problem is unlikely to go away, they rarely do

  2. I am thinking we need a more inspirational captain like Van Der Vaart. He captained Ajax at 18 and would ensure he stays.

  3. agree about VDV being inspirational.. only problem in that is a captain should ideally be a player who is always on the pitch

    maybe Vertonghen , or Hudd if he fits into AVB’s first team plans

    • So let’s shout out for Walker. He has come through the ranks and should be with us long term. What a great way to inspire other kids coming through. Age should not be a barrier and looks like he will be an England regular for the next decade.

      • He didn’t really come through the ranks like king and caulker. He had already made quite a name for himself at Sheffield united when we poached him.

  4. geez but aint sandro set to miss the start through olympics if brazil reach the latter stages as i expect them to? hudd and jake wont be too bad. Two great passers who jelp defwnsively more than a certain no. 14 and have rocket ike shots. Both too similar to play together perhaps so vaart may drop deeper


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