Promising a player though Harry Kane might be, it would have worried many Spurs fans to hear Andre Villas-Boas talk about the striker in such glowing terms over the weekend. It may well have sounded like a prelude to a Premiership baptism should the quest for a new centre forward continue to prove fruitless.

The obvious answer to the question in the title would be Jermain Defoe although many reports suggest that the Adebayor deal will finally be struck this week. Time is running out for Spurs and Ade and there’s no doubt that the Togolese striker has been frozen out by his parent club, Manchester City.

‘I am sorry for him because he is here and not playing,’ City boss Roberto Mancini said. ‘But he has no chance of playing this season for us.

‘It’s important for him that he can find a good solution because he scored a lot of goals last season and he’s a top striker.

‘I hope for him he can find a good solution very quickly.’

Given the situation, surely some form of deal could be thrashed out, even if it is another loan arrangement. But could it be done in time for Spurs to avoid starting the season with just one recognised striker?



  1. Tottenham need a striker who can score more than 15 goals a season!! Adebayor on a full time basis is different to being on loan. On loan he still got the same amount of money City were paying him, which both clubs paid towards, but if he joins Spurs full time, he won’t get those wages and could be risky as he might not perform as well. Someone like Fernando Llorent from Bilbao, would be a fantastic signing for us, as he would adapt to our passing game very well and is a stiker who loves to get on the end of crosses. I would also try and sign one more Striker as I don’t think Kane is ready for first team. Maybe try and sign the up and coming French stiker from Caens – M’Baye Niang. Who is younger than Kane but alot more affective for first team football. We also need a new goalkeeper, as Friedel is good but he is old and will retire soon. Also Gomes and Cudicini aren’t first team nor really back up goalkeepers. Some like Hugo Lloris from Lyon, who we have been linked to in the papers, would be a great signing as he is young and has done very well at his present club. Someone like Julio Cesar from Inter Milan would not be a good goalkeeper for us as thats one reason Inter Milan don’t want him, because they have just bought Handonvic who is better. I would also say we need another winger, as Bale and Lennon need back ups and someone to compete against. If Bale and Lennon have to fight for their place it means they should perform better on the pitch. And last but not least, with Modric supposedly going, we shall need another central midfielder. We have the likes of Van der Vaart and Sigurdsson who can play Modric’s role and we have Sandro, Huddlestone and Parker who are all great defensive mined players. I would get rid of people like Jenas if possible and bring through Tom Carroll (a very promising central midfielder – attack minded) and I would also try and sign Yann M’Vila as he is a defensive midfielder but is attacking minded as well and is able to pick out a world class pass for Stikers or Wingers.

    • …do you know that phrase: “beggars cannot be choosers”? I will be sated with one solitary signing of a striker. By the way, of course Cudicini is a back up keeper. He has made his career based on that….for Chelsea AND us.

      • So you’d be happy with us just signing one stiker, which means we would have Defoe, Kane and who ever we sign to choose from. If we want top four we have to have better strikers and more strikers to choose from in all competitions. Especially since we are in Europa this year which is a lot of games. And yes your right, Cudicini is a back up goalkeeper but we still need a goalkeeper who is young and good, like Hugo Lloris.

  2. If Harry kane is our forward…then we are well and truly fooked.
    He may come good in the future..but i wouldn’t hold my fooking breath,

  3. Unless Levy is really stupid (which is not the case), there will be at least one striker signing this week, probably Ade. Modric will have left as well and his replacement will play the opening match. Levy also knows that we lost valuable points because of the Modric saga last year.

  4. About 3 weeks ago I made a comment on a blog that was focusing on how the gooners should learn a lesson from the way Levy runs Tottenham and how great he is, I commented that he may be a good businessman but he doesnt get the players in the positions we need – just the players that are classed as bargains! I then got a load of abuse from Spurs fans saying I was deluded and all sorts. 3 weeks later were off to play our 1st game with a strikeforce that resembles step toe and son. Its a joke, were being linked with another DM – yet thats the one position we are over loaded in! Levy – forget a bargain and buy a striker.

    • Next time better learnt your lesson, and keep your mouth shut ! Now words are coming back to haunt u lot eh???? Hahahahaahahahahahha oh oh eh hehe he huh heo haolahahahahha!!!

  5. Mr. Astute business man Daniel Levy should answer this question..I cant believe that we are even discussing Kane as our striker..he is no more than a first round carling cup choice and now we want him to compete with Roony, Tevez, RVP…etc this is ridiculous..I must say that although I was one of those happy to see the back of Harry.. but he wouldn’t have let things end up where they seem to be heading now..just a few days before our first fixture..what annoys me even more is that we have a relatively relaxed run of fixtures at the start of the season..we could have bagged a good few points to help us when we start facing the big boys..but alas..our hopes are all on KANE..I AM GUTTED…

    • I was one who was not glad to see the back of Harry (because our performance was good) – but once he had gone, then the silver lining I saw was that at least we can sign non-temporary players again….after Levy was not giving any funds to Harry…. Some of the blame must be on AVB. You cannot possibly enter a season with your bench warming striker and a young striker with no league starts as your ONLY choices up front. As you say, Harry would not stand for it…..which is probably why he is not our manager any more…

      • You cannot put so much blame on Andre Villas Boas as you don’t know whats going on behind the scenes and he may have already asked Levy to go for a player and Levy has said no. Redknapp is one of the main one’s to blame as he is the one who put us in this position buy getting Adebayor on loan, sellling Pavlyuchenko and Crouch and then just getting Saha on a free until the end of the season, as his contract was only to play for Tottenham until the end of the season. So it is Redknapps fault and I’m glad he gone, he had no passion towards Tottenha until the England job had gone and that is all he wanted. Andre Villas Boas came in and although he probably didn’t buy Sigurdsson or Vertonghen, as I imagine they were already agreed even if Villas Boas did have some part in it. Villas Boas will sign at least one striker maybe more and I imagine one will be soon and another once Modric has been dealt with.

  6. Llorente is a bigger risk than ade and, although cheaper on wages, he’ll still be on a fair whack with a huge signing on fee (plus will need time to settle).

    Ade has to be the one for me. he was great for us last season when his all round game brought other players in around him, knows the players well and can walk straight into team – just needs to be slightly more prolific and there is our 20 goals a season striker. we need another as cover but ade has top be brought in this week!

  7. With any luck, by the time the transfer window closes our starting eleven will consist of Lloris; Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Cissokho; M’Vila, Sandro; Sturridge, Sigurdsson, Bale; Adebayor. Highly unlikely though, so who knows? Let’s just hope the next four days are the busiest the club have ever seen.

  8. Killthespud..Yet again another typical gooner mug appearing on a spurs forum?What is it with you lot?Absolute retards and a fucking joke bunch of fans.
    Instead of concentrating on your own club you come on to our message boards/forums spouting the same drivel.How embarrassing.No wonder you’re the most hated fans in the league.I know enough of you lot and youre all the same.Fucking do one..

  9. Why do most of you guy’s feel that Levy is ignorant of the fact that we need strenghtening up front urgently? The various low life’s in the media both home an abroad has linked Spurs to every Tom, Dick and Harry and have done so for God knows how long. When those players dont arrive, it’s Spurs lose out again when in fact it was all made up bullshit from start to finish.
    As soon as a player becomes available, he is automatically linked to Spurs by default as if Spurs are Cheatski or Man Citeh. In other words, money bags galore.
    I’m sure that Levy has been in negotiations for certain players and he isnt going to reveal who those players are. The truth of the matter is that nobody knows including the so called morons supposedly in the know and stories will be made up out of boredom.
    People say that Levy is stuborn and a hard nosed business man but how do we know that Levy isnt being frustrated in his attempts to buy players by equally hardnosed Chairman of other clubs?
    F**k what the low life’s in the press say, they dont own or run our club, left to them, Spurs would be run by a usurping used car saleman wheeler dealer like Redknapp, who would drop us into the shit at every turn.
    Levy has gotten Spurs out of the mess they were in and he isnt about to put us back in again.


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