The starting XI for Sunday’s game at Reading will be the most fascinating yet as AVB looks to accommodate some of the new faces at the club. Moving away from the Hugo Lloris issue, some of the most interesting questions start further up the field.

In the middle of the park, Villas-Boas has Lennon, Livermore, Sandro, Bale, Sigurdsson and now Dempsey and Dembele to consider – not to mention Scott Parker when he returns from injury.

Meanwhile, with reports that Adebayor is nearing full fitness, it seems as if the Togolese will take the lone striker role but who will line up behind him?

Only Bale would seem assured of a slot leaving 4 names to go into four spaces. Dempsey could conceivably play up front but that would seem an unlikely combination for AVB.

Overall, what’s your best midfield line up and can you see the recent arrivals from Fulham starting on the bench at Reading?




  1. I’m hoping against Reading we’ll look like this

    Walker Caulker Vertonghen BAE

    Dembele Sandro Sigurdsson

    Dempsey Adebayor Bale

    Although may be a bit too attacking for AVB!

    • That’s what I want to see. Dempsey getting on the end of Bale’s 6 yard box crosses, Dembele dominating the centre, and Siggy’s late runs into the box…if it all comes together it would be amazing.

      Wing backs allowing Dempsey and Bale to be more central/overlap, with Sandro deep to aid the centre backs. We’ll see though.

      • Exactly. Have Parker on the bench (if fit) and if Siggy is having a poor game we can just shift Dempsey there and bring on Lennon.
        We’ve got the players now to win games, just need to show a bit more attacking intent.

  2. Essexspur – I totally agree with ur team, now we have got a 4.3.3 formation I think this suits us. Lennon and defoe to come on and pace reading out the game! Come on you lillywhites!!!

    • Yeah i heard that. Also Jenas is unhappy he didn’t get his dream move to Yeovil and has now set his sights on joing Barca. I’d swap for Messi and £15M!

      Grow up.

  3. ————————Freidel———————

      • Good team and with the players we have at the Lane right now a 3-5-1-1 formation would really work well. Bale needs more space to run at defenders so use him as a wing back as I miss his touch-line runs

        • Been my FM formation for some time…similar (if not the same) to Bielsa’s Bilbao and Sampaoli’s Universidad de Chile, both teams well thought stylistically and successful. Would optimise Bale as he needs the space to run into really, get up some pace. All depends on the wing backs working ridiculously hard and being able to though…

  4. ————————Lloris———————
    Walker—– Dembele — –Sandro———-Bale



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