Brazilian international Sandro is back to his immense best at White Hart Lane after an unchallenged period on the right side of defensive midfield. In the absence of Scott Parker, who largely became first choice in that slot in 2011-12, Sandro has returned to his best form and he’s undoubtedly an important part of the side.

Over the last two days the newspapers have been reporting on what they call a ‘shock’ move from Manchester United for the player, once the January transfer window opens. Maybe there’s some truth in it or perhaps the reporters has just been scouring copies from 2011.

Almost a year ago – on 17th November 2011 – we reported the very same story. AC Milan had supposedly made a derisory offer of £15m but United had allegedly become involved with the hope that Fabio and Rafael could persuade their compatriot to travel to Old Trafford.

We’re not claiming that we ‘broke’ this story but the point is it came to nothing and hopefully this will too.



    • My friend Josh

      Your life is too important to spare for Levy – a football brainless money-minded Chairman who can and will again kill a ‘working’ team of players and a manager. Do you and all other long suffering Spurs fans think that Levy did a good job selling our best players without replacement and appointing a clueless ordinary manager in AVB and sacking a manager who brought some stability and success to Tottenham [although he lost a little bit of credibility in no saying ‘no’ to England job. You the fans are better Judge, I’m just a long long-suffering Spurs lover who will not see any real success at Tottenham before he dies . Best wishes to all of you. Spursfan

  1. Sandro is the most powerful player in the premier league and most dynamic, I thought maybe only Yaya Toure could rival him in power but after the 50-50 header that Sandro won and the state Toure was in on the floor there is only 1 boss.

    Fergie wont pay what Levy would want for Sandro so we dont need to worry there.

    We need to get ourselves an attacking midfielder who can take the ball and run with it with superior technical ability, Dempsey and Sig aint good enough, with the 30mill profit Levy made in the summer I would whack all of that on a player similar to a Cazorla, Mata, Silva type…….players who offer a goal threat and a regualr assist whilist also having amazing technical ability.

    One of Isco, Willian would be great.

    If we cant get them an I know he hasnt got the same attributes as those I listed but Fellaini would be amazing for us, a real presence, something Dickhead Dempsey isnt

  2. Couldn’t agree more with Jay, Sandro is one of the best midfield defence generals in EPL, and he even won duels with Yaya Toure, another great midfielder.
    Yes we need another skillful attacking midfielder, to control and run at defences, Eg when Yaya and David Silva Of Man City, ran at Spurs defence. We were without Dembelle, who with Sandro won recntly at Man United.


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