The press seem determined to set Spurs up with a new midfielder in this transfer window even though this is the most crowded area of the squad. For once, everyone seems to be at full fitness and on any given weekend, the first choice midfield could be challenged by a number of names.

Lennon, Bale, Dempsey, Sandro, Dembele, Sigurdsson, Parker, Huddlestone, Carroll – the list goes on so do we really need to add to the squad in this area over the course of this month?

The latest name to be linked with a move to White Hart Lane is Toulouse man and French international Moussa Sissoko who is just heading into the last six months of his contract with the Ligue 1 outfit.

Similarly, Schalke’s Lewis Holtby was linked earlier this week along with another new name – Croatian international Anas Sharbini. Is there any truth to the rumours or are the press looking at anyone entering into the last six months of their contract? Elsewhere, the familiar name of Joao Moutinho has appeared once again.

The first four days of the transfer window have suggested that Spurs will be busier than AVB had intimated but is a midfielder signing on the cards – or even particularly necessary?



  1. midfield is one of the few places the squad needs an addition. The keeper situation is sorted. in Fullback we have 2 good young right backs, a classy experienced left back, and a young right and left back out on loan and doing very well, our 2 best CB are just as good covering on either side in Kaboul and Vertonghen. we also just confirmed the signing of a Lb / cb in Fryers. In CB we have 2 great players, 1 experienced pro, a solid clun captain, and a young prospect. until there’s a clear picture on Gallas and Dawson’s futures a Cb signing isnt needed. In the Dm role we have 4 that’s over crowded. I think we only need two, as long as there is a Cm that’s comfortable in Dm. I see Livermore and Huddlestone going out on loan or being sold. I would like to see Hudd play week in week out at a club to gain/prove fitness and form. The season we qualified for the CL he was immense. Luka Modric spent the first half of that season with a broken leg or on the left. and it ended with the littlr croat and thudd as the cm pairing. I would like to see him go out on loan and maybe replace the aged Parker next season. In Cm we only have one option in Dembele. I would like to see us sign Sissoko on a free or on the cheap to add that option. In Am we have Gylfie and Dempsey, but I feel the American was only ever going to be keeping the seat warm, perhaps for ths arrival of Holtby in July. also consider Carroll as an improving option, we may have that position sorted with Dm: Sandro, Parker, Cm: Dembele, Sissoko. Am: Siggurdson and Holtby. and the young Carroll. drop a name like Moutinho for Parker and bamb. The wings are still an option short unless Townsend proves himself with a run. And the forward positions too. if we do settle with 4-3-3 then we would need 2 Lf, 2 Rf and 2 Cfs with versatility. I think that may have to be looked at some point. Currently Bale, Lennon, Defoe, Adebayor and utility man Dempsey. 1 short for this season.

  2. Moussa Sissoko: yes please.
    We already have Holtby but M.S. is a player I’ve wanted Spurs to get for a while. Hudd and Livermore seem to be on borrowed time at the moment and Parker can only play so much longer (although he’s excellent and I’d love to see him play for us as long as he’s able).
    Buy Moussa Sissoko even if it’s to loan him right back for a season or so. He’s young and only going to be getting better. Pick him up before he starts going to crazy money. We have (or will have) a need for a player like him.

  3. Livermore and Huddie is on the way out. If Spurs is to sell Bale next transferwindow, the midfiels is not so crowded after all.
    I’d love to see Belhanda at Spurs. Moutinho is also a player who would strengthen the squad.
    But what spurs really needs is a striker . One to offlaod JD and make room for him, and of course capable of scoring himself.


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