There’s much talk over Tottenham’s new signing Lewis Holtby and the possibility that the German international could join the club earlier than planned. The midfielder had originally signed a pre-contract agreement in order to link up at White Hart Lane in the summer but it’s been revealed that he could arrive this month.

Schalke’s managing director Horst Held has said.

“If Tottenham ask for Holtby in the January window, we will talk to them about it. Nothing has happened yet, but, from our point of view, we are prepared to speak to them.

“It would have to be done quickly, because we would have to find a replacement for him.”

Meanwhile, the player himself has been talking about his excitement as the deal goes through.

“I simply had to take the offer from Tottenham,” Holtby said.

“New things don’t scare me, they excite me. In my opinion Tottenham is a big club in Europe.

“Tottenham have belonged to the top five in England since many years and they only missed out on the Champions League because Chelsea won the cup last year.”

So an early switch may be possible but is it likely? Unlike the previous regime, Tottenham under AVB seem to have a definitive plan – get the players you want early rather than wait until the last day to get the ones that nobody wants. Lewis Holtby was signed with a view to joining in the summer and game time might be at a premium if he makes the change now.




  1. To be fair why pay £1.6 mill now when he is going to take time to adjust. Preseason is perfect for this so seems silly we will rush it through what with a new stadium and further money needed elsewhere.

    • To be fair, Levy probably wouldn’t end up paying that much anyway, and even if he did, its hardly going break the bank,is it!

      Would be far sillier to leave Holtby at his current club, in my opinion, when you consider he could quite simply be EASED into the team this season if need be.

      I’ve written a comment below to explain why we SHOULD sign the young German now. Feel free to read. ; )

  2. Yes further money needed elsewhere but if Dempsey is our only other cf we need cover in the number ten position. Sign him now . We need to push on. Surely it makes sense to sell hudd and get this fella in anyway regardless.

  3. I’m never sure that leaving a player (especially a young one) at his current club, once he has effectively been signed by someone else, is ever a good idea.

    Although ALL parties were aware of the pro/cons of signing a pre-contractual agreement before this deal was arranged, I think it would be best for everyone concerned if the deal went through in this window.

    Schalke get some money.

    Lewis avoids a awkward second-half of the season, under extreme scrutiny from the media, and fans alike.

    Spurs get a new signing that will no doubt give the whole club a lift, at a time when things are going well. Plus, we also get a few loyalty points, from Lewis, by offering him an escape route from a potentially tricky situation, while showing him just HOW MUCH WE WANT HIM AT THE LANE!!!

    I am sure that Daniel Levy is thinking along those lines as well, so the only possible way I can see Holtby remaining at his current club is, if Spurs make 1/ 2 major signings before the close of the current window…. And even then I would expect Holtby to be snapped up before the end of Jan, especially if the fee is as little as £1mill.

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