There’s no news yet with regards to Sandro’s expected return from injury but the surgery that was required following the cruciate and meniscus damage which he suffered against QPR suggests that he may be absent for some time.

Meanwhile the player has spoken for this first time since the surgery took place.

“It’s a tricky time, I had a good run, evolving with the team this season,” Sandro said.

“But it happened and cannot think about it for a long time. I know there are thousands who admire me and support me and I can only thank the messages of affection I have received these past few days.

“This will give me more strength to overcome, make a good recovery and return to play football.”

It looks unlikely that the Brazilian will be back anytime soon but everyone wishes him well and looks forward to his immense presence once again.



  1. if I had 1 issue with AVB is his hesitency to rotate the squad. Sandro took no games off, I feel Defoe is overused as well and who is backing him up- Vertongen needs a blow occaisonally- my fear is these players will get their rest through injury

  2. Out for the rest of the season, he will be missed more than we know. Most interceptions and in top four tacklers in the PL. How many of those interceptions may have led to goal chances against our often dodgy fullbacks? Get M’Vila in now and get rid Livermore, he is not the Sandro replacement we need. M’Vila is young and fits Levys mould for future resale potential. Also, with Lloris and Kaboul being French, M’vila could form part of a very solid spine. This is football, not war 🙂


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