Strike force is thin again as Ade misses training

Strike force is thin again as Ade misses training


It will be interesting to see if Spurs can ever get two fit strikers ahead of a game between now and the rest of the season. For now, our lack of cover up front has been exposed once again with reports that Emmanuel Adebayor is set to miss tomorrow night’s Europa League tie with Inter Milan.

Ade was taken off at White Hart Lane on Sunday but after the match, head coach Andre Villas-Boas felt that the injury wasn’t serious. Admittedly he’d said something similar about Sandro after the QPR game but Adebayor seems unlikely to face a similar lay off.

However, reports confirm that the Togolese missed training today and looks almost certain to sit out tomorrow night’s first leg.

Fortunately, Jermain Defoe is ready to resume his role as the lone striker so expect JD to take his place in the starting XI for Thursday, and on Sunday when Tottenham travel to Anfield to take on Liverpool.

Having only one fit striker isn’t ideal but if the situation persists until the end of the season, it will surely force Spurs into the transfer market when the window opens in June.


  1. Sorry to say but i was glad Ade got injured a fresh and fit Defoe for me will along side Bale and Lennon terrorize any team much better than the inafective Adebeyour who has been really poor this season also Siggurdson and Holtby look like they are fresh and ready for the run in.

  2. Striker, shtriker…One CF is enough. We have Holtby,Siggy available to run around in the penalty area and score, also two guys called Bale and Lennon have been known to put the ball in the net. We need fluidity in attack, which doesn’t mean having two players wondering where they’re supposed to be regarding each other. And as for lack of size up front, how many goals does Ade head in for every fifty crosses?

  3. I have been a stern supporter of Ade ever since we got him from al al saudi shitty. He can be world class.
    But since he got back from ACoN he has been utterly shit… Pardon my french.
    Is it his fitness, is it his head????
    Hopefully we can get through the season keeping our CL spot with Defoe bangning them in, as he did earlier in the season.
    But this still means, we need one maybe even two quality strikers when the tranfers window opens, and they cost money.
    Will we spend the money required, or are we still going to be the fantastic squad, that ALMOST made it.
    Please no.
    Spend, and we could be challenging for the title this time next season.



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