Spurs lost their first league match in thirteen yesterday as late defensive mistakes let Liverpool come from behind to snatch a 3-2 win. Spurs led after the break through Jan Vertonghen’s second of the game but after chances to claim a third and end the contest, we let the points slip.

After the match, head coach Andre Villas-Boas admitted that the loss was a little hard to take.

“It’s difficult for us to take because we did ever so well to come back into the game in the first half and started so brightly in the second half,” AVB said.

“We were in control of the game and then it changed very quickly.

“We lost control of the momentum of the game and let Liverpool believe they could turn it around.”

Andre felt that it was a good performance overall with the exception of the two late errors.

“The performance overall was good, but we’d want to avoid a couple of things that we did wrong,” he added.

“Still, it was a good performance and the feeling is a little harsh because the players understand that we could have won here.”

Spurs stay in third despite the defeat and next up in the Premiership is Sunday’s home tie with Fulham, following Thursday’s trip to Milan in the Europa League.



  1. Harsh defeat but mistakes cost us dearly
    Walker – Mad spaz out moment, he must’ve seen a phantom white shirt because I’ve no idea where that pass was aimed.
    Lloris, Has saved us a plenty but plough through the player and clear it.
    Defoe – FFS why
    BAE, a poor, poor challenge on the worst player to attempt a poor challenge on, but then again he doesn’t pay any interest in football away from the training ground so probably doesn’t even know who Luis Suarez is.
    We must get back on track next weekend or the doubters about our mental state at this time of the season will rear their ugly head again.

  2. If Bale dives what is Suarez doing- he didnt need to go down . And what was DEfoe trying to do? Was he really trying a back pass – I doubt it but its mad!

  3. Lets ger a few things out in the open before our season unfolds in a catalog of mistakes/ Firstly to attempt to go to Anfield with no wingers was madness in those first 10 mins we could have been out of the game but to our credit we kept it down to one goal. When Gerrard butted Bale it made our task even harder he carried on manfully but looked in pain. He made both goals and really should of made three only for Siggy to suffer from the onrushing Johnson lucky clearance. The second half was blamed on Walker and Defoes passes but let me pour cold water on that because Liverpool would have won this game no matter what we did. When we went 2-1 up should have been the signel to change thins around like bring Naughton on move Dembele in the middle at expense of Livermore, Then bring Carroll or Hudds on 80 mins i would brought Huddlestone on then 85 mins Gallas on for Parker moved Vertonghan alongside Dembele he was a midfield player once and it shows in his skill. These moves would have eased tired legs because Walker missed Lennons covering and tracking back and i no if he was there Walker would not have done that terrible pass, Also if Gallas was on Defoe would not have have been where he was trying to clear a ball from the edge of the area while the wild eyed Suares was lurking. The simple truth is Avb tactics helped turn a winning position into a losing one by not helping tired legs. What he should have done was change the two in midfield witch was second best to Gerrard and Lucas. The lad Livermore was out of his depth Huddlestone on one leg offers more than Livermore on two Holtby was a breath of fresh air till Parker got him benched now you can see is confidants draining by the game. I want our Manager to succeed and take us on a journey of Glory but last season at this time of the business end of the season he was sacked. This is my big worry i knew Liverpool’s fresh legs would put our defense under pressure because i no the person who makes sure they don’t tire for 90 odd mins. If AVB does not take note of our mistakes stop putting players in wrong positions and play the man for the job we will not be in top four. The verdict is our defeat was caused by mistakes but Avb Played a big part by leaving Bale and Lennon on till one got hurt Walker is only young Lennon is now mature 35 and covers Kyle when he gets in trouble Dembele never, The other side seen Siggy who is a middle midfield and Ekotto had a bad time by the normally easy to handle Downing Defoe has only just returned and without Ady has had to play twice in four days. When we all seen Livermore alongside Parker we all knew this signaled we had come not to win but not to get beat first. I would of put Naughton in Walkers place Walker in Lennon’s place put Dembele in the middle with siggy Fryer left side to cover Eckotto. We lost through mistake by tired legs by a team who would have carried on and probably scored another penalty because while they was winning Oliver was not needed. What we are seeing here is the Prem along with Sky trying to close the gap for the top four with Utd sowing the championship up early. So there aim is to make sure the last games count with Everton Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea all close and there will be more and more penalty’s and bad refs to make sure. We need to get all our players fit before we take on the Ufa or ditch it


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