Does Carroll have a role to play?

Does Carroll have a role to play?


Tottenham’s Tom Carroll made what was described as an entertaining cameo performance after he came off the bench in the second half of Sunday’s defeat with Fulham. Tom has made twelve appearances in all competitions for the club this season and admitted that he had mixed feelings at the final whistle.

“On a personal level, I was quite pleased with how it went but the three points would have been massive for us and we couldn’t get the win, so that was disappointing for everyone,” the midfielder said on the club’s official website.

Other players have been speaking in the wake of Sunday’s game and like them, Carroll also underlined the need to bounce back,

“We don’t have days like this very often, but this was one of them,” he added.

I’m sure with the players in the squad we can bounce back and we’ll look to kick on again after the international break. We’ve some big characters in there and I’m confident we can do it.”

Spurs are in action against Swansea next weekend but should Tom Carroll be involved more as we look to cling on to fourth place?


  1. Of course Tom Carroll has a role to play. He was miles better than anyone on the pitch against Fulham. He dribbled easily around two players and made some great passes. Tom Carroll and Lewis Holtby would make a perfect pairing in midfield.

  2. Well Rob did you read my comments 3days ago,Holtby & Carroll,Look at “Barca” small quick,ball -playing mid-fielders.
    Big Defenders,not comfortable against them,Dempsey C/F,sitting in front of H&C, Stop Moving Vertongen,Dawson or Caulker,Depends on Fitness to D&C. Like “AVB” Benni worries me,in another world,dreamer,loses his man to often,roll on next season,Still should have signed LLorente in
    Jan.even if money was involved,I live in Spain,Juventos bound now !!

    • Alan – I didn’t see your article. It is a shame that AVB seems to be reluctant to drop players like Parker, Defoe and Adebayor. Maybe he is scared to drop players because of what happened at Chelsea. Who knows? Anyway Carroll and Holtby need to be given the opportunity to play together in central midfield. I think Dembele or Parker could play behind them protecting the back four.

  3. Carroll has certain qualities that we are lacking since the loss of VDV. He can play that killer pass that I believe we have lacked all year. It’s essential to play him behind the forwards and allow him to feed Defoe. As for Ade he is too wasteful.

  4. I would love to see Carroll next to dembele this season he has the lock pick pass from deep we desperly need, spurs have looked out I options at times this season! Also holtby has to start in the middle behind Defoe/new striker he has amazing vision I watched him a lot on espn bundislga He is quality, not sure why Hasn’t been given more chances to prove himself maybe the transition into Avb tactics I’m not sure.would move bale back out to left in the4231 formation, Ronaldo scores plenty of goals can’t see why bale wouldn’t. Parker has had his day IMO!

  5. Carroll is a class player, I hear what you’re all saying about playing him and Holtby, and there wouldn’t be a better game to try it in than Swansea. Purely because getting the ball down and playing is how they will approach the game also. If it was Stoke away, I would say no!

  6. Once again i go back to “Arther Rowe” team 1950`s,push & run,reminder “Barca” simple,the thru ball,1960`s football,balanced eleven,Danny & Dave wing backs then,how different in style,ok games moved on,but we need FLAIR,VDV&Modric !! Ade Back Flicks awful,the donkey&Defoe, “I Don`t need the other 10 players,Cos I`m Great(He Thinks) !! My Old School Mate “Johnny Haynes”The thru Ball,they made two of us in School team !!

  7. As much as the idea of Holtby, Caroll and Dembele looks good on paper, it isn’t practical. They’re all left-footers and would seriously unbalance the team. What teams do u know of that comprise of a midfield of left footers? Right footers bring balance thus AVB is stuck with Parker, Livermore etc…


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