Spurs head coach Andre Villas-Boas confirmed that the league just has an edge as a priority for the club this season but midfielder Scott Parker is firmly targeting Europa League glory ahead of tonight’s clash with Basel and he believes that Tottenham will have ‘arrived’ if they lift the trophy this season.

“As well as us as a squad, when I say that I obviously mean the fans as well. I can’t remember the last time we won a trophy,” Parker said.

“For the fans, it would be something very special – it would be something that shows the club is moving in the right direction and would be pleasing.

“We have gone on a very good run and it is a tough competition with good teams in it.

“We wouldn’t want to look too far ahead because obviously we have got two difficult games coming up, but you’re at the business end now so there is a chance you can go all the way.”

Actually, even those with the shortest memory spans will know that 2008 brought our last trophy and while certain other clubs have had to wait a little longer, some silverware is overdue.

But if Spurs can win the Europa League this season, would we ‘arrive’ as a squad or is there more to prove?




  1. It would be great but certainly not the ‘arrival’.
    Regular champions league for the next 3/4 years and perhaps we can talk about the arrival of Spurs

  2. Worst possible outcome… we looked stupid out there. Get Gallas packing please, his best years are way way behind him now. I can’t believe we don’t have adequate cover for him. Bale, I hope it’s just a tweak, but it did look like a couple week sprain. If its anymore than that? Then we can kiss Europe and top 4 goodbye. Lennon came off with a ham strain as well which makes it unlikely he will play this weekend. Being a supporter is not easy.


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