The trade in former Arsenal players into Spurs is much brisker than it may have been in previous years but would the capture of Alex Song be a signing too far?

The 25 year old, described widely by the media as a midfield ‘enforcer’ only left North London in 2012 but already it’s being suggested that he is on his way at the end of the campaign.

“Barcelona spent a huge sum of money to sign him, and Alex had high hopes while moving to Camp Nou, because there were a number of topflight teams courting him,” said Uncle and former professional Rigobert.

“But today, he is not a happy man in Spain. He had a first team role at Arsenal and thought life would be rosier at Barcelona, but it is not the case at the moment.”

The People first reported that Spurs were interested in taking Song, but any move would be dependent on a top four finish. It’s also said that Barca will be looking to get back the £15m that they invested in the player so can there really be any substance to this deal?




  1. The Tin-Pot Totts always trying to buy Arsenal’s Shit throwaways. Donkeys like Gallas, Adebayor, Bentley et al all going there as they desperately try to stay in the top 6. And now Song! HILARIOUS.

    When dip into the Spurs pool, we take their BEST EVER goalkeeper and BEST EVER Centre-back – Jennings & Campbell!

    Thanks again and keep looking up for our crumb drops!

  2. Europa awaits again
    Fuck off on your own website you fucking mug you were once as big as man utd not anymore just the same as us average
    prick 8 years and counting hahahha

  3. Europe waits again must have no life…trolling Spurs blogs because all the time salivating over his trophyless gooners isn’t enough.

    Regardless, this article is retarded. Why would Spurs go after Song when we have Sandro?


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