Going back to last week and we saw several reports claiming that Benoit Assou-Ekotto would be leaving the club in the summer after a mixed season for the left back. Injury and loss of form has highlighted a lack of cover in that position and Spurs were heavily linked with a number of replacements.

Monaco were one of the clubs tipped to be looking at Benny but today’s reports claim that Serie A giants AC Milan are weighing up a move. With needs of their own in that position, it could be a good deal for all concerned but the transfer fee quoted – £11 million – will surprise a few.

Meanwhile, Spurs have been linked with another left sided defender – Lyon’s Samuel Umtiti who is remembered for bursting the rigging at White Hart Lane earlier this season. But as far BAE is concerned, should we be so quick to show him the door and if so, are we pricing him out of the market at £11 million?



  1. Jeez – if you are suggesting that Bennie is worth £11m then you’re also suggesting Callejon would be worth about the same as Bale! Actually, hold on, that’s exactly what you were saying wasn’t it? Haha

  2. We would never get that money for him and I think we would be silly to get rid of one of our most consistent, experienced defenders. Let’s sell Rose and Naughton, buy a young left-back to compete with BAE and promote Smith to Walker’s back up.

    Quality LBs are so hard to come by, there is a reason why United and Chelsea have held onto Evra and Cole with them going well into their thirties.

    • Very well said.

      There is evidently a quality difference between Naughton and BAE, let alone other younger players.

      We do not have a direct replacement for BAE, we’ve only got a couple of back ups and trainees, with 11 mil, we will not be able to find a direct replacement of our current first choice left back.

      Don’t just look at the money guys.

      • He will be gone this summer, AVB doesn’t like his relaxed attitude and how he gives needless fouls away (same could be said of Walker mind you).

        Benny is one of the better LB in the league. Will be hard to replace.

  3. If teams go for the price tag its worth a try, I hope Levys flexible with that price tag.Plus if he does go Danny Rose and Zeki Fryers are not enough we need a like for like replacement I cant see Fabio Coentrao signing but I can see Alvaro Pereira which would be an upgrade .

    • £11m for Leighton Baines? And the rest! He’ll go for no less than £16m; more if there is a bidding war. Would be a great signing though. Agree we should take £11m for BAE though, he is neither as good or as bad as some people like to make out and we can do better. AVB is no mug, and he doesn’t rate him.

  4. I must strangely be in the minority believing BAE is a fantastic left full back. With the exception to rare lapses in concentration, he’s been our best player by far in this position for years. I’m a firm believer our strongest back four includes BAE with Vertongen in the middle w/ Daws. BAE defends well, is fantastic on the ball and going forward, and performs very well under premiership pressure. AVB has been mistaken about a few players at Spurs, ie) Livermore and Gallas. Its about time he realize he’s wrong on this one too. BAE is a quality starter, and as stated above, could player several more years like Evra and Cole. FFS keep him and play him!

    • I agree LilyWhite. I think BAE is an asset and well worth keeping.

      The ones I would ship out are Gallas, Adebayor (i’d pay someone to take him) and, sorry to say it, but Scott Parker

    • Livermore and Gallas? They aren’t AVB’s players. He has had to rotate with all the games we’ve had after all. He will get rid of Gallas in the summer and probably Livermore too. Baines and Evra are better than BAE has ever been and Cole was so much better than him it’s a joke.

    • Remember when Bale was left back? Then we have Benny and Bale go forward thats when Bale started to shine. BAE is not at his best, his form now is not as good as last year but he was injured and sit on the bench for so long. Unless we already have a good substitude for him I think we rather keep him

  5. BAE does not get the credit he deserves. Yes, he commits the occasional blunder but he’s still one of the best left backs in the league. Having said that, if we can get 11mill for him it is time to part ways. Danny rose should be ready and zeky friers provides good cover. We need the money to replace useless ade and to hang on to Bale.

  6. Would love to sign baines, remy and lukaku we would be pushing the top 3 with these additions could possibly loose gallas, bae, rose, Livermore and ade to fund these purchases

  7. Rose is not good enough for a CL side. He’s hard working and a tryer but technically ordinary and prone to foolish errors like all young defenders. He is much worse than BAE.

    Baines would cost something approaching our record fee (16.5m), to spend that on a defender is absolutely insane given how badly we need a striker, winger and ball-playing midfielder. Baines is great but not really that much better than BAE defensively. Where he is better is in his set-pieces, penalties and crossing but we already have Bale, Gylfi and Holtby who do those things. He’d be a totally unnecessary purchase.

    • Rose is 22 and having a pretty strong season at Sunderland (according to my mate who is a fan). Plenty of room for improvement here to say he is not good enough is harsh. As for BAE – I like him but with an improving Rose, Dawson playing so well (and being a leader) and Kaboul coming back, Vertonghen will offer more cover at LB, Naughton too I think Benny’s days are numbered.

    • isnt Holtby and Sigurdsson ball playing midfielders, and so is Dembele….

      I dont get people who say we need a ball playing midfielder, when Dembele and Sandro are fit then there isnt anybody breaking them 2 up……..Carroll, Holtby and Parker covering is more than enough.

      All we need is 2 strikers, allow Townsend to cover the wing role, he has been QPR’s best player this year and has torn a few premiership sides apart

  8. £11m is not gonna happen.
    Offer of £8m might be accepted.
    Personally would be gutted cos Bennie is a very refreshing character and has some sweet tricks up his sleeve. On his day he’s the tits. Other days, needless fouls in dangerous areas. Still, one of the best in the league.
    Has anyone actually seen Fryers play?

  9. Pretty sure it’s all bollocks,

    Benoit joined us from Ligue 1 side RC Lens in June, 2006 and has been a regular feature in the team since the 2008-09 campaign.

    “Six years ago I didn’t think I would play 200 games for this club, now the next target is to make it to 300 games!” said Benoit.

    “I don’t think there are many players who make 200 games (for the same team).

    “In football, there are not many players who play six years at the same club. I’m very proud of that.”

  10. Benny, before his injury formed a great partnership with Bale. That partnership has not yet had time to reestablish itself. I think it is too early to consider parting with Benny.Maybe things could be reassed at the end of the season.

  11. Baines would be the only realistic upgrade available from Premiership clubs on BAE & will probably go to Man U or Citeh.
    If he was given a proper run in the team again rather than being chopped & changed with Naughton/Jan there’s no reason BAE shouldn’t come back to last season’s level.

    Having Rose back as an understudy/ rotation option would be fine.

    Not the area of the team that needs to be tinkered with in my POV.

  12. I think the club have acted quickly to squash the hype regarding him leaving by publishing the article about his 200th game and him saying he is looking forward to his 300th game.

  13. Definately need to sell, mainly due to his age and the drop in form, he is still a good player but will only get worse from here on.

    Bring back Danny Rose and sign Luke Shaw and then all we need to do is get 2 strikers, realistically 2 of Michu, Son and Benteke.

    All this talk of Higuain, Soldado etc is ridiculous and personally I wouldnt want them as I dont rate eithers work rate.

    The only player I would sell this summer outside of BAE is Emmanuel Adebayor a waste of a human being that man, oh and release Gallas

  14. I’m a season ticket holder so watch benny
    Week in week out and In my opinion he
    Is worth 11m his passion on Sunday was
    Just as good as any other player (even if
    He is only there for the pay cheque!) for me the
    Problem is he worked so well with bale on the
    Left his game looked so much better. Now
    With bake playing central he is trying to cover
    The whole line hence us seeing more mistakes!
    I say keep him spend in quality strikers please !!

  15. Benny had his best game since his injury on Sunday just gone. Benny on form and fit is one of the best in the league in his position. It’s typical knee jerk fan base mentality to want to sell him. We won’t get 11 for him and we dont need to move him on. Every player has a dip in form at some stage, mostly after an injury and that’s exactly what’s happenned. I expect him to be playing the remaining games unless he gets injured again and all of you posters here who are so quick to forget the class of Benny will be eating your words come the end of season.

  16. All the people calling for benny to be sold should be careful what they wish for. And for everyone who said sell Benny and let Rose takeover have lost their mind. The team is so much more secure with Benny back, I for one would hate to see him go, any of the long term guys who have quality I would like to keep including the Hudd. 11million is pennies now days,Benny still got a few prime years in him and he’s clearly an athletic type player that will continue to have the same tenacity and skill for years to come. Bring Rose back and have him as an option, he’s young and not long ago converted to a left back so is prone to mistakes due to his inexperience . Benny has been a major part of why Spurs have become stronger over the years and im quite sure Bale will be sad to see him go as they have both excelled into top premiership players on that left side together ..he’s liked in the dressing room and i think it would definitely make Bale think further about himself moving on by moving on player he likes rates and respects, might start thinking its time for himself to move on .

    Contrao is just a rumour and who says if he came on the market other teams wouldn’t pip spurs to him, its not a given, many teams around Europe would want him and he can’t even get in their team anyway. Umtiti is unproven and young, again rather have Benny, think some people underestimate how much of a solid left back Benny is and has been.
    whats 11million in football today, nothing whatsoever PLEASE DON’T GO BAE stay and continue to make spurs a big club again , and thank you for some great years…

  17. When will my fellow Spurs supporters realise this guy is distincly average and a liability..No one in their right mind will pay 11mill for him. Trust me Milan will never pay that much. Lets face it the only people that rate him are Spurs supporters. Thank God we have a half decent manager who sees his limitations. Get rid!!

      • No, Spurs fan. Thanks. Love the guy and always support him. But sorry, a player who gives the ball away with regular abandon is not a good player in my book. Can you imagine Alex Ferguson tolerating him continously giving the ball away..We shouldnt either..He wont last 5mins at a top club.

  18. To sell Benny would be ludicrous, with the 25 man ruling it allows you to have 2men in every position with 3 spare Fryers is not ready yet. sir alex rotates his squad accordingly, we will have to do the same playing in europe, FA cup, league cup & EPL also having to take internationals and injuries into consideration


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