Christian Benteke’s performances in recent weeks have brought him firmly back into the spotlight and even though his Aston Villa side are now safe from relegation, the rumours of a transfer away from the club persist.

Many of the big sides in the Premier League have been linked but Spurs continue to be put near the top of most stories because of A, our need for a striker and B, the existing Belgian connection of Moussa Dembele and Jan Vertonghen.

A record of 23 goals in 39 games for an underperforming side was always going to attract interest but for now at least, his manager Paul Lambert insists that the 22 year old is not for sale.

“Christian is just starting on the ladder. He’s been saying he’s really happy here, so I’ve left it at that,” Lambert is quoted by the Sun following Villa’s defeat to Chelsea at the weekend.

Of all the strikers linked with Spurs in recent weeks, many would argue that Benteke is the most plausible. He already has a proven record in the Premier League and while he won’t be cheap, he may just come within our budget.

For now, Lambert has stated his case but will Villa’s resolve be tested when the transfer window re-opens on June 1st?




  1. Villa aren’t safe yet. If Wigan win their last two games, Villa are down. Benteke would though, be a great addition to the side.

  2. While admittedly the signing of Benteke would be a huge piece of business by AVB, I just cant see him quitting Villa Park right now. Of course if we succeed in reaching the Champions League, and Villa suffer relegation come seasons end, then maybe that scenario will change.

  3. Benteke to me looks a better prospect for Spurs then Leandro or even Higuain. The guy is a beast! Lambert did well to do his research ,Benteke has the lot plus a good attitude (ade) ,imagine him and Dembele (fit and willing to shoot more ) in the same attack with Bale and Lennon rotating with Son Heung min.

    Why can’t this happen mr Levy ? it’s not too out there .

  4. Villa aren’t safe, but if spurs beat Sunderland then it doesn’t matter what Wigan do….. Benteke will be at villa next season if they stay up

  5. Yeah Lol fellas, why would he come to another albeit more lofty one man team. Spurs’s moment in the sun is coming to an end if you don’t keep Bale or get a new stadium. Benteke would only go to Arsenal (he’s a fan) in London. And they’re a realistic step up from Villa. Dream on – UTV!

  6. What is the point of saying someone — anyone — is not for sale? The issue is whether or not the price that the selling team would want for the player is worth it.

    Bale? Sure, he’s for sale if you want to offer 75m…

    I don’t get the talk that surrounds player transfers. Just say, “We’d be willing to let Benteke go for Xm.” Then Spurs can scoff at the ridiculous price, make a (reasonable) counter, or just pony up the cash.


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