Tottenham’s Gareth Bale had made many positive noises about staying at the club while the 2012-13 season was still in progress but the Welshman has spoken for the first time after the campaign ended with the disappointment of fifth place.

Once again the comments seem positive,

“We have got the record points for the club in the Premier League. That would normally be enough to qualify for the Champions League, but it’s not meant to be again,” Bale said on Spurs TV Online.

“It’s disappointing, but we will pick ourselves up again. We will just have to regroup this season and give it another go.”

While news of a new deal is yet to be broken by the club, today’s headlines are dominated by idle comments made by those linked with other sides – Sergio Ramos and Samir Nasri are the names in the frame this morning.

Elsewhere, it’s claimed that Tottenham are attempting to line up major signings to help smooth the Bale deal in the same way that the club were supposedly trying to show Luka Modric their ‘ambition’ a couple of years ago.

It’s hoped that Spurs can act on the Bale deal as soon as possible but is there anything they do to end a long summer of rumour?




  1. This is going to be a very testing time for Daniel Levy. We all know how he hates to spend money but I think this summer he has no choice. First of all he has to secure Gareth Bale’s future with a handsome contract but more than that he has to show Gareth that his penny pinching ways are over and he has to go out and spend some real money and bring a couple of quality strikers in. He has no choice after the way our strikers performed last season. He cannot go looking for bargains as he has to make sure he gets two top names in that department. It doesn’t end there either because he has to bring in two full backs one for each side to challenge the existing full backs. Walker and BAE have had a pretty poor season. BAE with his injuries and never really getting back to form and Walker with all the goals he has cost Spurs by his poor marking, wasteful passing and concentrating on going forward too much. Next season he must learn to balance between attack and defence bearing in mind defence is his priority. We also need to replace Modric or buy him back as we lack that spark in midfield. Our football last season slowed down ridiculously and it proved to be a negative because we just could not break down the teams that packed their defence so we must revert to quicker passing and with two good strikers we should be able to counter attack a lot better.


  2. At whl last sun saw a more structured team than last year 3players away from title winning side left back leadership from midfield and goal scorer

  3. Torres just seems like another Ade happening at Tottenham. I think we should just go out there and try something new. Maybe we should go after Remy or Cisse. First we need a true CAM. We need better service through the middle, I believe there is no point in getting a striker if you can’t get him decent service. You’ll get that from wing play from Lennon, but Bale is a loner, for better or worst. Maybe we just turn him into that striker?


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