It’s common for some to question the validity of some pre season games but it’s important to get in a bit of match practice ahead of a new campaign and on the occasions when the club has some new signings or even a new manager, it’s vital for them to get involved on the pitch before a season begins.

However, it’s hard to see the point of these post season friendlies and that may be a view shared by Kyle Walker who limped away from last night’s game against Jamaica before half time.

The match itself finished in a 0-0 draw and the only real reports this morning centre around a brief clip of Gareth Bale attempting an overhead kick. Meanwhile, Steven Caulker did have the ball in the net from a Bale rebound but was ruled offside.

The game does give us something to write about before the transfer window officially opens but is there really any point?



  1. It’s a holiday for them paid for by Joe Lewis; match is just publicity + cash. Nice to see our strikers still can’t score even against the “Reggae Boyz!”.

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  4. I have this EPIC idea… Actually sit and listen to the lyrics and take some time to learn about what it is you are writing about. As it stands your journalistic integrity is null and void. Just because you hate something does not give you the right to lambast it on that alone. Either be an actual journalist or quit pretending. Thanks.

  5. scrive:Si, hai ragione. Sto pensando qualcosa in questa direzione ma sono lento nella produzione.. In realtà ho delle idee un po’ diverse da quello che si legge nei soliti libri o presentazioni. Quando capiterà l’occasione te ne parlo.Per il Cloud hai ragione, qualche post l’ho fatto, ma è uno dei temi che mi proponevo di affrontare in modo un po’ piu’ sistematico. Anche se non so quanto soddisferà i tuoi appetiti…. Voglio partire dalle basi, che mi sembrano spesso un po’ oscure e, a volte, confuse ad arte.


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