Scott Parker seemed to receive praise and criticism in equal measures as Spurs attempted to finish in the top four and the midfielder has reflected on a difficult campaign that began with a serious Achilles problem.

“Obviously it’s been half a season for me,” Parker says in the Tottenham Journal.

“I’m pleased to have got back in really. It’s been difficult. I missed pre-season, which I think at times has affected me a little bit, but I’m looking forward to the rest now, hopefully coming back and getting a good pre-season under my belt and coming back really strong.”

Scott also looked ahead to next season and hoped that the club would push forward and improve.

“I think we have to be happy with what we’ve done, we’ve achieved pretty good stuff really. It’s the first season under a new manager and hopefully we can push again next year now,” he added.

But will the player be a part of Tottenham’s campaign? Rumours of a move to QPR have surfaced and while Parker would not want to drop into the Championship, there would surely be enough Premiership takers for his signature.

He’ll be 33 in October with two years left on his contract so will Spurs look for another year’s service before attempting to cash in as much as they can? Does Scott Parker warrant his place in the squad?



  1. Yes, if we hadn’t had him this season when we lost Sandro, we’d have been stuffed. It was a mistake by AVB to try turning him into something he’s not – a box-to-box midfielder. Parker’s job is to break up play and then give the ball to the likes of Dembele. Next season he’ll again do the job as back-up/competition for Sandro and will prob see more game time in the Europa League.

    • Agree. Certain types of player ‘die young’ – strikers, wingers, & box-to-box midfielders. But there’s no reason why we can’t get another year or so out of him
      as a DM. He’ll have to play 2nd fiddle to a (hopefully) fit Sandro, but he’ll be ideal to bring on in games where we’re defending a lead

  2. Great player and character to have around the club. He’ll be back and hopefully stronger next year. Plenty of room for him and a terrible time to sell after an unfortunate season.


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