Emmanuel Adebayor had a disappointing 2012-13 campaign to say the least and only seemed to come to life in the final few matches of a long season. Prior to that period, we were used to ineffective and somewhat lethargic displays from the Togolese and cynics will say that his late improvement in form came after speculation that the club were set to move him on this summer.

In order to do that however, Spurs would need to find a buyer that wasn’t put off by his reputation for inconsistency, together with his substantial wage bill. Rule out Manchester City and Real Madrid – Ade has already been there, not done that, so who is left?

Last month, newly promoted French side AS Monaco were linked but wisely went out and bought Radamel Falcao instead. Cash rich Monaco have a strong forward line which Falcao merely enhances so the rumour of an approach for Adebayor promptly disappeared.

But for those who want the striker off the age bill with the proceeds going to Gareth Bale instead, there is new hope this morning with talk of interest from Turkish giants Fenerbahce. The Turkish league has captured some high profile players in the last twelve months and while there is no strong suggestion that this is true, it’s one rumour that somehow seems to add up.

There’s been no word from Andre Villas-Boas on Adebayor’s future but a record of five goals from 24 league matches last season may not be enough to save his Spurs career as the head coach looks to attack the next level. So have the club found a buyer willing to take Ade away from the Lane?



  1. Wish it was true, however, I see us being stuck with this frustratingly talented player, who is almost unstoppable when he wants to be, due to his wages.

  2. He looked so lively at the end of the season. It might be worth keeping him half a season. Tough one. This is where the manager makes his money. He needs to dig out whatever it is that makes this boy tick. It’s the worst time to sell him but with those wages it’s so tempting. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I’d keep him on the books and work hard with him. He’s got talent, we’ve just gotta harness it. If we see nothing by Jan then cut our losses.

  3. who going to pay this waste of space 100 grand a week well done levy you tosser though you were getting a good deal because of your actions you have cost us champions league football for the last two seasons cunt no striker bought in the jan window

  4. If Fenerbahce are prepared to pay the reported £10m, it might be worthwhile asking if they’d like to take my mate “Fat Freddy”, although they might be put off by his masterful inactivity…..mind you if they are interested in Ade

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand the fella, but we’re stuck with him, so fingers crossed he comes good. Let’s just make sure we keep Bale and sign David Villa. That really ought to be enough to take us to the next level, and a bit of depth at striker is a luxury we could try enjoying for a season… even if it does include that muppet at 100k a week.


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