Yesterday they all had it in for us – the Star, the Mirror, the Express and the Standard were all looking to Spain and those unfounded stories that Gareth Bale had already agreed terms on an £85m deal to Real Madrid.

Surprising, the Mail almost stood alone as they ran two positive reports claiming that loyalty and a new package would be what kept the Welshman at White Hart Lane.

24 hours later and nothing has been confirmed so the Metro has decided to keep things going with the suggestion that new coach Carlo Ancelotti is so determined to get his man that he is set to offer wing back Fabio Coentrao as part of the deal.

In one way this story acknowledges the fact that yesterday’s claim of a done deal was completely wrong but it’s just another angle and a way of not letting the story drift while we wait to see what really happens.




  1. I think they should give us Contreao for 5 mil (or less) just t o make up for the insulting and classless way they go about their business. Maybe, we will then let them talk to GB when we want to deal.

  2. yes bale is top class and as a spurs man i want to see him at the lane next year but they all bleated on when vdv and mouse boy went saying spurs are a relagated side then arry went they said spurs were going down hill fast infact we ended up with more points than the previous season bale hard to re-place but he is not bigger than the club

  3. All it needs is Levy to come out of his shell and tell the world exactly what is going on. Maybe Levy wants Real to become so desperate they would give us some of their key players on the cheap or better still Ronaldo plus 60 million.

    We know its not going to happen but they are truly lacking in class. Nothing like that great 60’s team which showed class, flair and imagination and not to mention respect. Sadly that appears to be missing these days

  4. There is a ‘magnificent detached luxury home’ up for rent in Repton Park,Chigwell……five double beds,private gated garden etc….and it does look good. Available from 31 July my local property mart mag says. And guess who lives up in Repton Park? Mr G Bale ….hmm!

  5. Levy is a business man who knows something about obtaining the best possible deal, certainly when he is on the selling side. We would be mad not to sell Bale for 85 million (or more), imagine what we can buy with it. Madrid will never pay such silly money for him in a (few) year(s). Bale will leave anyway, so it’s best he will be leaving to a foreign club for mega money. I wouldn’t be surprised if the deal is already done for weeks, but it isn’t announced yet because we are still negotiating to buy players. Clubs who are selling to us who know that we have 85 million to spend would be to glad to get something more out of it…


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