It may have only been a pre-season game but Jermain Defoe hopes that his hat trick against South China in Saturday’s Asia Trophy play off will be the catalyst for a prolific 2013-14 campaign. JD had chances to open the scoring before finding the net just before half time but he had opportunities again after completing his treble in the second period.

“I wanted that fourth goal!” said Jermain on the club’s official website.

“In my experience over the years when you score goals they just keep coming.”

JD also acknowledged the momentum that scoring in pre-season can give a player.

“When you’ve have a good pre-season and you are scoring goals, that takes you into the season.

“It’s important to have the confidence as a striker that when you get a chance, you believe you are going to score.

“When you’ve got that belief, good things happen.

“Hopefully when the season starts I’ll continue scoring. That would be great.”

As the website points out, Jermain needs just six goals to become our fifth leading scorer of all time but can he enjoy a better season than 2012-13 when he returned 15 goals from 43 matches?




  1. Please save it JD……..late sub is your best position and we all know your scoring pattern of goals early-on and then a drought when the league gets serious.

  2. Only way he’ll have a prolific season is if we play chumps week in week out. JD is, and always has been a gimp basher.

  3. We could use that because we seem to play well against good teams and then throw away points against weaker opponents.
    I would love to trounce every bottom half team we play this season… and continue to play well against the top.

    JD hasn’t been whining about playing time and is a nice option to have. Who could we replace him with that would be better, on similar or less wages, and wouldn’t mind always being second string?
    Everyone wants really top players but there’s real value in loyal, competent squad players too.


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