Before the media had really got their claws into Gareth Bale this summer, there was a brief period when the focus was very much on Andre Villas-Boas and possible approaches from Real Madrid and PSG, both of whom were looking for replacements at differing stages.

Speaking to the press, AVB confirmed that he had been approached and while no names were mentioned, it’s thought that the Paris giants were one of the two clubs courting the Portuguese.

Asked why he turned those approaches down Andre said.

“Because this is my first opportunity to start a second year in the same club. I think that can give me an advantage and it is something I want to try.

“I have been very welcomed, I have an excellent group of players, and the conditions and structures we have at Tottenham are fantastic and the arrival of Franco takes us to another level so these are things I had to measure.”

The arrival of Franco Baldini has heralded an unprecedented transfer splurge this summer but it’s also led to criticism of the club bringing in overseas players while letting English talent go. Andre answered that by claiming that it’s all down to price.

“There is one problem with English players in the English Premier League – the price,” Villas-Boas said.

“They are rated for the top players. I think players in England cost you a lot more than what you can get out of Europe particularly in the case of Nacer Chadli and Etienne Capoue so at the moment it is a market we have been looking at with players that we have been following.

“Eventually if a good deal at the right price for an English player arises I wouldn’t have any problem with that.”

Another strong season for Spurs will doubtless lead to more speculation about his future but for now, AVB clearly has unfinished business at the Lane.



  1. At last some loyalty in football despite interest from other big clubs. If only it extended to players when their clubs had showed a lot of faith in sometimes turbulent careers…

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