Spurs have been the second biggest spenders in the transfer market this summer and assuming the club are going back in following the sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, we should be able to look forward to more new arrivals before the window closes on 2nd of September.

Already we’ve seen a very slight shift from Bale stories this morning and while Lazio’s Hernanes and Juventus’ Paul Pogba are two of the names linked with a switch to White Hart Lane, it’s Ajax’s Danish international Christian Eriksen who claims the most column inches in this respect.

At 21, Eriksen has been at the top of his game for some time and has already won plenty of recognition since breaking into the Danish national team in 2010.

Meanwhile, one deal that does look set to go through would see the arrival of Erik Lamela to White Hart Lane for a fee in the region of £30m. Reports claim that the official announcement may even come this evening.

Gareth Bale was undoubtedly one of the best players ever to be seen in a Spurs shirt but his departure may just be about to spark a whole new and exciting era at the club.




  1. Bale was but I believe Lamela could be even greater. My God, Soldado, Lamela, Eriksen, Paulhino, Capou & Dembele oops forgot Chadli & Lennon. What attacking options from a solid base. I’m in danger of getting ahead of myself. Happy days.

  2. Lets ave it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gooners look and weep you will have to except your a bargain basement feeder club. You have eleven retards and a washed up manager, so good luck in the coming months lol, relegation foder is Arsenal Fc

  3. I feel that most of our transfers have been very thrifty and will move Spurs towards becoming the club it deserves to be, but still feel so massively disheartened at the loss of Willian. As has been shown in the new season matches to date, there is a fatal flaw in the current squad. We have barely won matches against a very poor and injury ruined Crystal Palace and a Swansea struggling under completely new tactics and squad dynamic. With the amount of money in the squad, with the club’s resources (new training ground etc) and with a talented manager in AVB, we should have dominated those matches far more. Yes you may say, we won so it’s OK, but I don’t believe that the Tottenham as it stands even with its huge potential may be able to even get into the top 4 again which would be infuriatingly frustrating. Although Levy is finally making progress into the transfer market and has at last bought a world class striker, there are major issues. We have too many physical uncreative midfielders. Sandro and Capoue are of course defensively minded, this is their purpose. Paulinho and Dembele provide more attacking threat, however, neither are great passers with great vision, with that creative touch. They are both great players and we need them, we just also need a creative spark to provide fluidity and imagination into a Tottenham that is having to rely upon successful dribbles and sheer physical counter-attacking far too much for goals. Before we had Modric, last season without him we lost his magic and struggled, the low point being when we lost to Wigan which I actually went to see at the Lane. Bale did rescue us, in combination with the I think underrated incredible Dembele. Even with him though the team never quite worked fluidly, as a whole. Now we have lost Bale we can’t just rely on what I described before, dribbling and physical counter-attacking, we need to create a more fluid team. When Bale switched position from a Left Midfielder to the center we never really filled the left slot successfully at all, which damaged the team immensely I think. This worked to an extent as it gave Bale more success whilst taking away the fluidity of the rest of the team, but Bale was so good this trade payed off (at times). What we needed to do this transfer season was find a suitable replacement, and even after all this spending we haven’t. We bought Chadli, but I think he was more bought as at the time needed substitute (Townsend wasn’t so rated back then) but he is absolutely not good enough to serve in the first team AVB is trying to build. Lamela is a great player full of potential (although I think slightly overpriced) and would have served great with a more creative selfless player on the left wing, providing goalscoring threat with Soldado (it’s worth noting Lamela doesn’t function very well on the left). Willian would have filled the Bale replacement slot perfectly, creatively frankly a genius, providing everything Tottenham has been lacking since we lost Modric, with more prolific goal scorers in Lamela and Soldado and a physical aggressive midfield that is both good at defending and attacking. Unfortunately Chelski had to be cunts as usual and nicked him. Now, we have bought Lamela anyway, which leaves us with both Lennon and Lamela who both can only play well on the right, with no one for the left. I presume Eriksen is for the left wing. I do think Eriksen could provide the creative flair we need, I don’t think he’s quite developed enough yet but in the future he definitely could so would serve as a great long term buy. However he simply isn’t comfortable enough out left and would take away in other aspects. Same with Hernanes. They both thrive centrally, not on the left, we need a player that will creatively thrive on the fucking left. Also hope we get Coentrao in the Bale deal, Rose although talented just isn’t good enough for a Tottenham squad AVB and Levy could take to win the league. Last point: Fuck Chelsea and Mourinho. /end rant.

  4. Bale completely unbalanced the team when he moved into the middle but thankfully had the ability to create something out of nothing all by himself. With the money he’s brought in, not to mention the sales of a few fringe members of the squad, we have upgraded immensely in midfield and attack.

    I completely understand why many fans are concerned by the lack of a playmaker in the centre of the park now that we’ve moved to AVB’s preferred 4-3-3 system but the players coming in give us great flexibility in that formation. Eriksen is a superb playmaker who could play in the middle ahead of two holding midfielders, but even if we choose to have him on the left with Lamela on the right there will be enough creativity to beat most teams whilst also controlling possession and winning it back effectively when we lose it. Our holding midfielders all have a bit of creativity about them and our defenders can play a killer pass when called upon, as demonstrated by Dawson against Swansea.

    If Lamela, Eriksen and Chichires all sign, the only areas where I think we might look to strengthen are left-back and another striker. Adebayor can rot in the reserves on his astronomical wages if that’s what he wants and, although I’ll be sad to see him go, Defoe is starting to look poor by comparison to the players around him. That speaks volumes for the work the club have done in the transfer market and suggests we’ll be comfortably qualifying for the Champions League this season and challenging for the title thereafter. For once I’m not feeling pessimistic about our chances. It feels weird but I could certainly get used to it. COYS!

  5. Hopefully with Lamela and Chiriches signing we can get Eriksen as well. I really rate Eriksen! If anything he reminds me more of modric than Bale though in the middle of the park.

    I have to say if we make the acquisitions that were roumered to make I certainly havent seen a stronger spurs side in my lifetime (I’m 23).. Lamela is good now but in a few years he will have real quality. Eriksen can pick a pass and in my opinion will help soldado score more than 20 goals this season. I just read on thefootballcolumn.com what Marc Overmars said about Eriksen being in talks and im just hopeful Levy can get this one over the line.. The last thing I want is another Willian debacle…


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