Andre Villas-Boas’ post match viewpoint over Tottenham’s fans continues to claim a portion of the headlines today but the reports show a mixed reaction. AVB accused a section of the support of being too anxious and as a result, the game with Hull had felt like an away tie for the players.

Today, the Mirror claims that Andre is facing a backlash from fans that have been venting their anger in the light of his comments. The story uses a number of quotes from social media including this rather succinct statement,

“I hate watching us just now. We are so negative and pedestrian in our play.”

The Mirror leads with an anti Andre headline but it does go on to quote Darren Alexander, vice chairman of the THST who backs the coach.

“We back AVB on what he said about the atmosphere at White Hart Lane – it has been getting worse over the last three or four years,” Alexander said.

“It’s easy to be negative because Sunday’s game was dull and we didn’t enjoy it, which is a fairly new phenomenon for Tottenham supporters.

“But we are fourth in the table, we’ve made our best-ever start in the Premier League era and there are lots of reasons not to fall out with AVB.”

Meanwhile, the Evening Standard also quotes the Supporters’ trust but while the Mirror leads with the headline,

‘Tottenham fans vent anger over Andre Villas-Boas’ comments on ‘negative atmosphere’, the Standard has a more reserved,

‘Tottenham fans vow to give Andre Villas-Boas more support’.

Two very different ways of reporting the same story and possibly a good way of finding out who your friends are in the media.



  1. AVB is trying to deflect blame for dull performances emanating from his dull tactics. Fans simply react to what they are watching, 36,000 people can’t be wrong can they?
    What next, blaming the size of the pitch? Oh

    • 36ooo people werent wrong dumbass…it was just a section of morons who are too stupid to see a team with 7 new players after just 9 league games against teams of lower opposition who park a BUS that is still forth in the league…sick of u moaning cunts…why dont u fuckoff and support Arsenal you tosser.

      • Most of the people against AVB clearly don’t see that he is taking us to a level (or two) above where ‘Arry could ever have taken us.

        They are now buzzing that AVB has “slagged off” the fans and probably see this as his first step towards the exit… I wonder if they also had a bit of a moan when ‘Arry called us all IDIOTS…..

      • could not agree more. 3 seasons ago we were the loudest supporters home and away now there’s no support at quiet hart lane. our away supporters give there best and sing all through the away games but when its at home there’s no support at all. if you all stop moaning and get behind the team from the start. and i mean the whole stadium, not just the shelf and park lane singing to each other. our moto is (to dare is to do) so why don’t you all get behind the team and make WHL loud again. like it was when we were in cl ffs stop bitching and get behind the team. also leave lamela alone he will come good modric didn’t start playing good for 6 months while adapting so give the lad a chance. well we will see how you lot act come wednesday v hull in the cup will you sing your hearts out or will you prove AVB right COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You seem like a nice bloke jim bob, you clearly are enjoying a wonderful, happy life, certainly no need to get out more or anything like that. I really don’t mind people arguing with me but you really need to get a life bro

        • That comment was in support of jim bob which due to how this site prints comments might not be obvious to the thick pricks like pikey.

  2. I am bound to say that AVB does appear to be looking for excuses. We have been playing boring footy and fans, like myself, get very nervous because it’s an accident waiting to happen. WHam proved that and we were a tad lucky in the case of Hull. Ok, Hammers and Hull type teams play 5-4-1 but AVB’s tactics to play the high line, last player being Daws just inside the opposition half is suicide. It only takes one long ball to a pacey player and we’re in real trouble, (goals from WHam being a prime example.)
    The dig at the Spurs fans was uncalled for, perhaps he might look at his own performance and tell us how he thinks he’s doing. He may also bear in mind that most of the fans have pretty ordinary lives and go to the Lane on sat/sun to be entertained with good footy not nail biting stuff. It’s his job to get it right, he might also consider that he’s being paid as much per week as most fans, with reasonable jobs, earn in two years! Get it right!!!!
    Regards Baggyshorts

  3. I have been a Spurs supporter for over 40 years and i have seen many ups and downs in my time. Most of the fans have supported Spurs through thick but this year seems to be a bit different because there is a lot more pressure on us to do well. We have spent over £100m in the summer and yes, most of that money was recouped by selling players but our expectations have gone to levels that i have never experienced in my life. We now think we can win the premiership!!! When did we last think like that…1961.
    Of course there is tension when we play teams like West Ham and Hull because we know we need to beat them, but the football and strategy AVB is deploying at home does not lend it self to confidence. what i don’t understand is why play 4 at the back when teams comes to WHL without a forward?? AVB knows that the likes of Hull are going to come and park the buss so he must show he has the stategic prowess to change tactics when it is needed.
    I am still fully behind AVB as I think he is the best manager we have had for many years but please please please Andre, look at your team selection and tactics when playing at home against the lesser teams.

  4. As usual the media hype this up beyond all recognition. AVB clearly says that the players also noticed it as well, and it wasn’t really a dig – it was a statement and a plea.

    Yes. Nerves did play a part among us on Sunday and the majority of the home support are still learning to be more patient in our play nowdays (I do admit it is also quite boring – but we are 3 points off the top).

    Also how much do the Stewards, CCTV, Old Bill and ‘Green Team’ play a part in this by trying to stop any kind of atmosphere before it even begins… I watched many times on Sunday (and the past 3 seasons) where the fans in the Shelf lower are threatened with ejection etc just for trying to get behind the boys!

    Lets turn it up tomorrow (both fans and players) and bring back the atmosphere from a few years ago.


  5. I wish to add to my previous para.
    I do believe that AVB is still learning and that he will, albeit eventually, get it right but that doesn’t mean we don’t get jittery when it’s obvious that we need a bit of luck as well. there is always the Levy factor to consider

  6. Boring sideways football from mediocre overrated midfield players.

    Sell two or three of the defensive midfielders and bring in players who know how to play football.

    Bring in a manager who likes his teams to play attacking football. Maybe look at Tim Sherwood. Surely he would bring Tom Carroll and Alex Pritchard back immediately.

    • Tom you are clueless. Spurs only have 2 defensive midfielders in the squad Sandro (best of his type in Europe statistically) And Capoe only just joined and looked brilliant before his injury, so how can we sell 2 or 3?
      Possession football is winning football, you build from the back forwards not the other way round. Once all the players are settled and used to each others games thing will improve on the attacking front. You can’t build a house on sand.

      What has Sherwood ever done in management??? Carroll and Pritchard?? You are more clueless than I first thought, one not exactly setting the championship alight then other looked decent in league 1. Neither are even close to being ready for a team expected to challenge at the top end of the premiere league. Go off and watch arsenal you mug!

  7. ffs you lot avb has built a new squad they take time to blend yet we are 4th ok 1-0 is scrappy but i would raather win 1-0 each week then go gunhoe and loose 3-2 when this team clicks you will see what aavb is doing untill then support the team. i must aagree some of the football is awfull but if you dont start getting behind the players they will drop form as they will start thinking they cant do it. i for one would like to see addy given a chance against hull to show what he has to offer. i have been watching him training and he gives 100% so why not give him the chance he always comments on twitter giving the team support every week i kow he played below par last season but you tell me did all the rest of the team play exelent NO let all remember we ARE the YIDARMY and will die supporting our team COYS!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sitting close behind the subs bench, I barely saw AVB out of the dugout on Sunday. In contrast Bruce was there in the managers box earning his keep, with instructive and decent decisions. AVB looked very frustrated and had little verbal response. Its worrying.

  9. Will our negative supporters boo, moan and groan at 21 year old Lamela when he looses the ball, miss places a pass, miss hits a shot or has a poor game. I expect so but hope not. The moaners will still say “a waste of money” “Get rid” “not good enough for spurs” AVB was right, vocal support if winning or loosing assists performance, but even saying so provokes moans and complaints from some.

  10. right enough, this is what happened, on sunday we played a park the bus team again hull, we played a formation called A, and it was not working, so what did our so called genius do, made a few subs, and played the same a tactics, no plan b or c, and then we got that non penalty, which saved his bacon, and yes we get another 3 points to go with the rest, making it look like we are doing fine under this idiots management, but in reality, we are not doing fine, with the squad we have, we should be playing nice football by now, but we are not, so no rapturous noise from the fans, understandable i would say, but this is what avb has done, he has pulled the wool over your eyes, going by what i have been told by more fans in stadium, heres what happened, the fans were not jeering the players, they were jeering avb, it was directed at him, not the players, and what did he do, he told the press, that the players moaned about the jeering, i bet they didnt, but it gets rid of headlines after the match of fans jeer avb, which puts our chairman in a situation of considering sacking clueless avb, but by saying the fans were jeering the players, he has redirected the blame to us , for his inept management skills, cant you lot who love this guy see we have been conned, with a real manager, not a jose wannabe, we would be playing better and our players would be organised better, bloody hell guys, i gave avb the benefit of the doubt, but enoughs, enough, i have seen him for long enough now, to know we have been had, chelsea got rid because they saw they had been had, their players knew he was no good, now we must do the same, bale saved him last season, we finished 5th, instead of 4th, failure, when we chucked 7 crucial points, due to his inept management skills, yet you still loved him, while i was waiting for this masterful tactician, but guys we have not got one, we have a man who turns up in interviews and speaks good words, but as a manager, hes a false hope.
    heres his record porto won championship, and uefa cup, which they did before he turned up, and look at the players he had, hulk, falcao, moutinho, etc, thats why they won, not him and his useless management skills, then chelsea got him, players did not like him, and they got rid, and then we got him, and do our players rate him, watch their body language when they are around this guy, hearing him spout his nonsense to them on the sidelines, in his mysteron voice, just watch how they respond to him, closely, they dont respond to him, and then look at stefen freund with the players, thats when you really notice the difference, they like him and they respond to him,

    so avb has a plan A and no b or c
    he doesnt get the best out of his players, etc lamela, eriksen (fantastic players with proper manager in charge).
    his interviews after match are him mumbling, about how its never his fault, always someone elses, us for example.
    i think bale did the right thing leaving this manager, but i hope others wont want to leave, due to this imitation of a manager, the players we have got are great, they are not failing, theres only one person failing, its the bloke telling them how to play.

  11. ps you should never boo the players, i dont and never will, unless they really deserve it, but there is nothing wrong with booing the manager, it happens at all teams, and will keep happening, so no i dont criticise for the fun of it, but when it comes to avb, we have not got a good manager, sorry to say, for us and the poor buggers who have to play for him.

  12. we sometimes struggle after difficult away games in europe. there is no surprise there…of course we all want to batter every team put in front of us but sadly that is never going to happen. lets take the plus points out of it, which is 3 points and a hard fought display. all this post match talk is only going to make a crap and nervy atmosphere in all home games to come. get behind the team through thick and thin and support the mighty spurs. how many times can u remember united playing crap and still just scraping past teams, scoring in the last minute. getting through and winning these games are just as important as winning 3-0. COYS


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