The name of Yevhen Konoplyanka became a familiar one for fans of the English national team when he scored a memorable goal in the 1-1 World Cup qualifying draw between England and Ukraine. The co-hosts for Euro 2012 started their campaign slowly but Konoplyanka was one of those chiefly responsible for a late surge that saw the nation book their place in the play offs.

Now, with just a few weeks remaining until the European transfer window opens once again, Konoplyanka’s agent says he is expecting a host of offers from some of the continent’s top clubs.

“We are aware of the interest from a number of Europe’s major clubs. This is only normal when you are talking about a star player like Konoplyanka,” said James Lippett.

“He can do things on a football pitch that very few players can come close to, so we are expecting an interesting January.”

The 24 year old isn’t a natural attacker and tends to come in off the wing but his goalscoring record has improved in recent months – particularly at international level where the Ukrainians are desperate to replace the goals scored by Andriy Shevchenko.

Spurs are also struggling to replace someone whose goals were so important to the success of the side. Could Yevhen Konoplyanka be the man to do it?




  1. 5 player need to avb and spure more attaking treat 1.LB-FABIO CONTRAO ( THIS LEFT WING DRIBBLER CROSSER BETTER FIT 4-2-3-1 & 4-4-2 FORMATION) 2.CM-MARCO VERETTI (THIS NEW PIRLO GOOD PASSER BETTER COUNTER ATTAK AND DEFENCE WITH PAULINHO) 3.CAM/LW-JUAN MATA (this is trump card for avb to handle wing and central role to provide 4-2-3-1 & 4-4-2 ) 4.CF-HULK (after bale go he is the man to handle garet bale free style role and extra attaker in 4-4-2 systeam) 5.javier hernandez

  2. @akshayaalase Why don’t you show the author a bit of respect and comment about the article for once instead of writing a list of players you’ve bought on fifa! You do it on every article regarding linked players and transfers. And to answer the authors question, yes he could be a very good fit for spurs, he’s a very good player! Typical AVB buy too seeing as he can play all across the attack. Would be over the moon if we got him tbh! The left side of the pitch is our weakness for spurs atm and this lad is better than the guys we put out at LW every week


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