Mirko Vucinic is a name that’s appeared here and in many other columns in relation with a move to Spurs but in a slow international week, the media is widely tipping the Juventus striker to be available for transfer when the window reopens in January.

Vucinic hit 30 last month and in his two years at Juve, has continued with his overall goal scoring record of around one in every three games. However, the arrival of both Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente over the summer has seen the player start just three games in Serie A and although there have been reports that Llorente would be the man to go, the suggestion now is that the Spaniard will stay.

That leaves Vucinic as the odd man out and in view of his age, it’s reported that Juventus could let him go for a ‘cut price’ £7.5m.

If you believe the press, Tottenham will definitely be in for a new striker when January comes but is Mirko Vucinic the man to provide the clinical edge that’s been missing from much of our play this season?



  1. Come on guys. This is Tottenham hotspur after all. Everybody is expecting u guys do your normal thing every season.. Maybe except spurs fans themselves. And better be realistic guys spurs is a midtable team. The problem here is spursfans are expecting something they shouldn’t be expecting aand that is fighting for the title. Geez when will you guys wake up to reality

  2. Spurs are third tier team. Let’s be realistic : you guys don’t even have the same status as the Newcastle uniteds, even blackburn rovers, or Southampton even Nottingham! You guys are a norwiches or the westbroms level dude. (With all due respects to norwich and westbrom)

  3. The way forward is sell Dawson he is too slow
    SellAdebayor and Defoe and buy 2strikers both of whom are estabished
    Buy luke shaw from southampton to develop as the future left back
    Sell Gomes and buy cover for Lloris
    Sell Dembele he is not a defender and doesnt score often enough
    Pick a settled team and play Lamela who is the only one who i s a game change
    Tell the manager he is managing a team not a project


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