Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen had just regained his place in the side at the expense of Lewis Holtby but an injury to the Dane could put him out until the New Year. Eriksen featured for his national side against Norway on Friday but limped out with an ankle problem after 40 minutes.

The prognosis from his coach Morten Olsen wasn’t an encouraging one.

“We don’t know if he’s out for four or six weeks or how long it will take,” Olsen said after the match.

“It’s bad for him at a new club.”

Christian had been replaced by Holtby after the German’s impressive displays were too much for Andre Villas-Boas to ignore. However, the Dane’s performance against FC Sheriff at White Hart Lane in the Europa League saw him back in the starting XI for the Newcastle game. So it’s a blow for Eriksen but is it a disaster for Spurs?




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  1. This raises the question again about key players at the club playing silly friendlies.
    Eriksen gets hit by a ridiculously late, bad timed, over the top tackle from a mountain monkey Norwegian dude who should never be on the same pitch as Eriksen.
    I was sooooo looking forward to seeing him against the two Manchester Clubs leading SPURS’ resurgence to the top of the table.
    Anyway, Lamela will blossom and take us where we want to be: AT THE F….. TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In AVB and Levy we trust.


  2. Will he be a loss? Yes! He is the only creative playmaker we’ve got in a team desperately short of playmakers and creativity in the final third. Lamela? Now’s your chance! AVB him with both Lennon and Townsend, and supported by Holtby or Paulinho further forward.

  3. Lets catch city out by playing Lamela , Defoe and Soldado up front with Sandro ,Dembele and Capoue with Dembele pushing forward a lot . Defoe to attack from the left side and Lamela the right side with Soldado in the middle.Width from Rose/Vertoghen on the left and Walker on the right . This would give Dembele the freedom he craves and the two best holding players could destroy the city attacks . Tight team but still givng freedom to roam for Defoe and Lamela. Cannot be any more boring than what we have seen before .

  4. The City game is calling out for a midfield of Sandro and Capoue with, Lennon, Holtby, Lamella, Soldado. Looking forward to seeing Chadli too when he is fit. I would also be keen to see Djembele play behind Soldado, but not JD please.

  5. What’s happened to Townsend all of sudden he’s not mentioned what we give up on him as well now I think play towns on left Lennon on right stick lamela behind soldado and holtby in middle with Sandro COYS !


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