Lewis Holtby may have looked as if he was saying his goodbyes following last night’s defeat to Manchester City but head coach Tim Sherwood says he knows nothing of any deal to take the player away from the Lane this month.

“I understand players want to play with a World Cup coming up but I don’t know anything about Lewis leaving,” Sherwood said after the match.

Yesterday, Tim had intimated that both Lewis and Etienne Capoue could leave the club by the end of business tomorrow if the right offer came in.

“I like Holtby – he is one of the best trainers we have got. They want to play and you have to be fair to the player. You need to do what is best for the club.

“Capoue is also a good lad. He’s not given me a moment’s problem. If the opportunity arises, then we will let them move on.”

That assessment is backed up by the player’s agent who spoke to The Metro.

“My feeling is he will leave but it’s not in our hands at the moment,” said Marcus Noack.

“Tottenham have to agree to let him go first. We hope to find a solution in the next couple of days.”

Rumours of a temporary move to Schalke and Dortmund persist while there is even talk of a loan swap at Fulham involving Dimitar Berbatov but are Spurs making a mistake if they let the German go?



  1. I am mystified by the whole Holtby thing,of all the recent signings with exception of Paulinho,he is the most Spurs minded player of them all.I think he’s very good,would be a great asset,always cheerful works hard ,a good team player.Why are we considering letting him go,theres a lot of others in the exit frame before him.

  2. If we really want to start to CREATE something, it’s about time to play Eriksen and Holtby or Eriksen and Carroll. Dembélé doesn’t add anything to the game. Holtby never got a decent run in the PL (I mean at least 5 complete matches). Apparently Sherwoord knows as little as HR or AVB about what’s happening with his players on the transfer market…

  3. Apparently Pochettino let slip that Holtby was joining Fuiham on loan in his press conference today. Not sure how he knows, maybe Southampton wanted him too. I think thsi would be a good move, more Premier League experience would probably be good for him.

  4. Wrong move to let Holtby go , the only spurs player who
    neaver gives up , and is fearless that is what Spurs need
    and now they are talking about bringing Berby back, i do not
    believe that. Remember when he refused to get off the bench for Martin Jol when he was working his way to go to
    Man Utd. We want men with the spirit and courage of
    Dave Mackay, Graham Roberts, Big chiv, and the skill of
    Glen Hoddle , Jimmy Greaves John White to name just a couple of the real Spurs players. ( come on you spurs .)


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