Our centre half / occasional left back Jan Vertonghen has been in the news quite a bit in recent days after some less than certain comments over his future. The press took this as a clear indication that the Belgian would leave the club and in turn, that led to a stream of stories linking him with a move to Liverpool.

For now, Jan himself will assert that he is only concentrating on finishing the season strongly and he claims that Spurs can still finish in the Champions League places.

“You don’t only have to watch Liverpool. I think there are other teams who can drop down so we’re just watching fourth place, no matter who we catch,” Vertonghen said.

“But we will have to improve – especially as we’re playing better sides this month.”

Looking at Liverpool’s run in suggests that they may be over the horizon with Manchester United away proving to be their trickiest fixture. As for Spurs, we have away games at Liverpool and Chelsea with Arsenal at home sandwiched between them. If we were to somehow get six or more points from those then we may still be in the hunt but otherwise, the race is over for another year.

As for Jan Vertonghen – who knows – but expect the rumours to gather momentum if the gap continues to widen.




  1. If Spurs offer him £60k per week and another club offer him £100k per week he’ll leave. It’s as simple as that. He left Ajax for Spurs for more money (Ajax were in the Champions League). He’ll leave purs for more money and who can blame him?

    • He is under contract. If we don’t want to sell we don’t have to.
      Liverpool should understand this fact. Even if he was to go it would probably be more likely to man city who would pay more and would be a more attractive destination.

  2. All this talk of Vertoghan leaving Spurs if they don’t achieve 4th is ridiculous. He left Ajax, who were in the Champions League, for Spurs, who were not!!!! He will leave Spurs for more money elsewhere just like he left Ajax for more money elsewhere.

  3. if Sherwood and levy had a brain they would double his wages and make him captain if we loose him it will cost us big time

  4. Same shit different day or should I say same shit different year. All this bollocks about Vertonghen to Liverpool was dreamt up by a little nonce masquerading as a journalist working for the Daily Mail, a comic posing as a newspaper and all because Vertonghen said that he wants to plays Champions League football, preferably with Spurs and does not want to talk about extending contracts until the season is over when asked by another little worm in the media. Since then it has escalated with every Tom, Dick and Harry cutting and pasting more or less the same story with the usual omissions on a daily basis, turning it round to make it look as if Vertonghen wants out. Like I said, same bullshit different day/year, it never changes.

  5. Well said Ray,my thoughts exactly.our relationship with the mail is somewhat chequered and if we were to look back at all the destabilising stories about us,they tend to resonate from that rag.

  6. Join liverfool , why a side that last finished above spurs in 2008- 9 really come on liverfool is a one hit wonder cl and the one cl trophy ,yeh yeh they got trophys bla bla bla , but still to win the pl title , nah he won’t leave however money does buy loyalty , levy would just need to express how much he means to club, and who’s knws maybe he will stick arnd and be like uncle gerrard and win a medal in the twilight years.. Come on levy charm , charisma and sales is just up street do what needs to be done


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