As Tim Sherwood said after the Chelsea game, the silence was deafening but if the coach ever reads the news feeds, he’d have seen many websites proclaiming the end of his brief reign. When our former midfielder was given a short term contract, most of us fully expected him to be replaced after the World Cup and those calls have intensified after a poor run of results.

“The silence is deafening, isn’t it? It’s up to Daniel,” Tim told reporters when asked about the possibility of a new man coming in the summer.

“It’s up to the club to make that decision. One thing I guarantee people is that there is no one who cares more than me. I want the team to do very well and it hurts me when they don’t. I need people to be hurting like I’m hurting.”

Sherwood went on to add that he wouldn’t be happy to work under an incoming manager such as the Netherlands’ Louis van Gaal.

“I never want to be a number two,” he added. “I feel like I can do the number one job. I don’t think I’d be good at number two. I’m too opinionated. I wouldn’t want to do the number two job.”

However, Sherwood did add that he would be comfortable in taking the Director of Football’s job.

There are no quotes available from Daniel Levy this morning although the press are united in claiming that the Chairman has given the coach his backing. Does that change the position or are you fully expecting a new man to walk in after the World Cup in Brazil?




  1. Tim Sherwood is Spurs through and through. I’ve never seen one of our managers so gutted yet so passionate after a game than after we beat ourselves on Saturday. Gerry Francis had a ‘sack me’ face after matches during the Dozell up front era I recall, but he didn’t look up for the fight. TS does.

  2. The only thing bad about TS is ….he has no clue what to do with the team. He has no idea who to play and how to line them up. I was getting whiplash trying to follow Kyle Walker to see what position he was playing. Experimenting against Chelski ( seriously?????)

    • Unfortunately he can’t win with some muppets like you – I guarantee if he played the same 11 every week you’d be first in line to criticize a lack of tactics.

      Walker and Naughton were played together to shackle Hazard, and they did a decent job of it too.

  3. So Levy Hasn’t broken the silence then. Your headline lied. Well done, you made me click on your blog. I’ll be sure not to click on your blog again.

    • this cunt has cost us champions league football for 2 seasons when harry was in charge because he refused to sanction signings in Jan the transfer window fucking louis saha you are joke levy fuck off, because of you we are once again behind arsenal when we should have overtaken them well played levy prick


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