While we argued earlier on that there were positives to take from Thursday night’s game against Benfica, the performance of Roberto Soldado wasn’t one of them. The whole team was subdued so the Spaniard can’t be solely blamed but his display was in contrast to the energy shown by Harry Kane when he came on as Roberto’s replacement.

It would therefore be encouraging to hear the welcome news that Emmanuel Adebayor expects to be fit for Sunday’s game against Southampton. The Togolese striker missed the Benfica tie with a sore hamstring but reports claim that the period of rest has left him in good shape for the visit of the Saints.

At times we’ve argued against Sherwood playing a 4-5-1 / 4-1-4-1 or whatever you want to call it but following Thursday’s match, it would be no great surprise if he sticks with a lone striker for Sunday. Alternatively, it may well be worth a look at the potential offered by an Adebayor – Kane partnership up front.




  1. Soldado is struggling at the moment but I do feel if he could get some actual game time with Ericksen instead of always playing with Townsend (I dont think I have seen him cross the ball into the box all season) then I really think he will score goals. Having said that should we be able to get good money for him and buy Remy and Hernandez I think we will be better off. By good money I mean anything over £20mil.

  2. We brought a 28 year old centre forward and have played him out of position (i.e.. unsupported). If we were going to play one up top, then that not his best position.

    Early in the season he was making some great runs but the ball was moving sideways, now he has just given up making those runs and i dont blame him. Overall its dented his confidence.

    We should have got Beneteke knowing how we were going to play.

    • Spot on Danny, lets hope we put that right at the end of the season. Soldado is a good player, but sometimes (often) we need a brute up front, somebody who is a nuisance and good in the air. Benteke would be perfect for that and also good off the bench, especially if we are looking a bit sluggish.

  3. Why is everyone slagging off spurs at the moment? With decent management, left back, lamela and ciriches back and eriksen in our team those people who do not stand by spurs may b eating their own words next season!!!! Soldado and lamela need supporting and never given a chance but branded by everyone as flops!!! Coys

  4. I’ve finally resigned to the fact that my team TFC have a squad of players who will always give of there best, but are unfortunetely only a bunch of journeyman players with no hope of ever making the top 4. If they should somehow ever do so, I’m afraid that the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, B/Mun etc.will whip them so badly,that they would be embarrassed for years to come. So from now on I will continue to support them and just enjoy the occational victory and hope they will maintain Premier League status.
    It does not matter what formation Tim plays, these guys are not good enough to compete with the top sides.
    WHO in our side besides ADE is going to score more than 10 goals in a season ???? , ANSWER = NOBODY
    We no longer have the likes of van der Vaart / Sheringham
    to knock in the extra goals needed per season.
    Bottom line is : You don’t win games without scoring.
    With this present squad, we will only be middle of the table
    contenders, so fans forget about any silverware for years to come. I’ve been a supporter since we won the double
    in 1961/ 1962 but I’m sorry to admit that this team with its manager are simply NOT good enough to compete with the top sides. Such a waste of All the money we made from the sale of Bale and Modric, buying players who are so mediocre,that will never make the grade in the PL.


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