After the managerial changes at Old Trafford on Tuesday, the press has returned its attention to the row between Sandro and Tim Sherwood after the head coach claimed that the player wasn’t currently good enough to get into his team.

“I don’t think he’s good enough to be in the side at the minute, when he shows me he’s up to the level of the other players he’ll be back in the squad,” Sherwood said.

“I like Sandro as a player but he has to work hard to be back in the side.”

The words go back and forth but after an unlikely link with Arsenal began to emerge, our Brazilian midfielder felt obliged to comment further.

“He said that, but I respect him, I don’t have anything against him, let him speak,” Sandro said.

“I will continue working quietly, I’m a professional. I have to work.

“Everyone loves me at Tottenham, it is my home and I’m relaxed.”

Although the row with Sherwood is annoying it’s more important that the incoming manager recognises that Sandro needs to be in this side. We’ve tried not to over-criticise the current head coach but if he thinks that the Brazilian isn’t good enough for a team that allowed Steve Sidwell to walk through it, this could be the most damning indictment of his time at White Hart Lane.




  1. The problem at Spurs is not the players,they need a experienced manager. All the players we bought will excel in the world cup and at other clubs next season,just like Bale and Modric is doing in Spain.

  2. Personally i see plenty of reasons for keeping Tim on.
    His record hasn’t been bad at all, even if some of the football hasn’t been great.
    The players are not ‘his’ players, the development squad are ‘his’ and he’s tried bringing some in like Kane, Bentaleb and Fryers. So he can’t be at fault for the team’s lethargic performances.

    You need to give managers time, continually sacking them is daft in the extreme. And expensive, and Tim’s probably the cheapest in the league. And he’s English. And he doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

    Personally i don’t care about Sandro, he’s an idiot for tweeting stuff against his manager. I’d get the sack for that sort of behaviour. Can’t he just speak with the guy?

    The game needs people like Sherwood who speak their mind and manage the players’ inflated egos by telling them how it is, not what they want to hear.

  3. Well chuffed that Lvg is going to Man U ,brings pocchetino closer to the tottenham job managers like Rodgers,Martinez and pocchetino have showed what they can do on limited resources . Look at Martinez, Rodgers now only pocchetino left lets not lose out

    • Agree 100% Brendan Rodgers would not be acceptable with his previous record to some Spurs supporters. In golf parlance they prefer someone from the senior tour, rather than up and coming new generation people.

  4. I agree with Charles I have feeling quite a few players in the squad the including Sandro are loosing respect for Tim Sherwood and it should worry us all if you know the manager of the team is has lost half of the squad commitment to cause.

    Oh yeah Bring Harry back please !!


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