After a season of sulking, injuries and a thinly veiled moan about playing at left back, it seems as if Jan Vertonghen may well have played his last game for Spurs. That’s the view of the press who claim that the Belgian centre back’s agent has met with representatives from Roma with a view to joining the Serie A club after the World Cup.

The stories go on to claim that the agent is attempting to push the deal through although Roma themselves have other targets and aren’t exactly convinced that Vertonghen is worth the large fee that Daniel Levy is likely to request.

Meanwhile, the veracity of this rumour may be called into question when you read further and discover that the Italian club have been linked with bids for no fewer than three of our players today – Sandro and Erik Lamela are the other two.

It’s easy to connect Sandro and Erik after their problems in recent weeks but the Vertonghen story is an interesting one with its theory that Verty’s Incredible Sulk act is already starting to concern potential buyers.




  1. I can’t see it really. Unless Roma sell someone for a lot money again like they did with Lamela and Marquinhos they won’t have the cash . Contrary to popular belief, the Champions League isn’t some never ending pot of gold, and the amount you get is actually dependant on how much the tv rights were sold for in your country. Hence the English teams do pretty well out of it, but other countries don’t pay as much as Sky and ITV does.

  2. Don’t sell him, tell him he’s going nowhere! If he wants to sulk for a couple of seasons in the reserves that’s his problem. Hopefully he’ll man up and stop acting like a C@*t
    And pay us supporters some respect! I loved jean the season before last! It’s so clear to see that sum ink ain’t right behind the scene!

  3. Let the season end bring a experienced manager who knows what it takes to succeed in premiership and go from there try not to read into half the bullshit you read in the press half of the are anti – spurs anyway , one thing does annoy me when a players apparently is unsettled or not happy at Tottenham the first thing we keep herein is sale him get rid of him , look at Liverpool with they way the handle Luis Suarez saga the kept and guess what his doing the business can we try for once to take a leaf out there book with our top players !!!.

  4. Jan go away your a big head who’s let the side down with your sulking
    Never gave all for the team
    D L make him sweat charge a fortune

  5. They’re welcome to him as long as we get a decent fee. Heard the rumours of them also wanting Sandro, Paulinho and Lamela back but I was under the impression Serie A clubs can only buy 1 non-EU player from outside Italy a season. Don’t want to see any of those 3 go. 7 goals from Paulinho and he’s been mostly rubbish, imagine what he could do if he acclimatises!

  6. I do not believe any of the current squad will be allowed to leave the club until as we all suspect a new manager arrives at the club to assess the players. The bullshit spouted in the press is just that, bullshit and nothing else. The various blogs who follow like sheep, know even less but want to perpetuate their decrepit pages.

    • The same blogs that you frequently visit Ray? I actually enjoy your posts for what its worth.

      Most of us know already that any speculation is bullshit, hardly anyone is ‘itk’ other than the clubs management and board. Its all about selling papers and hits and some gullible fans think everything is true.

  7. Levy will KILL the club if he moves to bring in Moyes, another injured manager who also has proven to have personnel issues. Look at Levy’s recent track record: Tim – Ridiculous comments about the players and team, AVB – froze out Ade and Ekotto, & Harry – refused by young players.

    Levy needs to step and get a world class manager ‘quickly’ announcing him before the end of the season; so we can keep as many of the best players from jumping ship.

    Levy is known for his shrewd financial strategies like not bringing in even one world class player until he loses both Bale and Modric, and then, Levy makes the GRAND move of bringing in 7 STARTERS at one time with the result of none being able to properly integrate. EVERYONE, but Levy, knows that you can bring in no more than 3 new starters in a season.

    If Levy hesitates, Spurs will lose so many players that next season they will be in a relegation battle – at best!

    The soul of the club has been compromised because of Levy’s financial strategy, Spurs fans will finally turn their backs on the club – if Levy doesn’t do the RIGHT thing NOW!

    In the end, all of Levy’s big financial dreams are going to blow up in his, ENICs, and the loyal Spurs fan’s faces!

    Levy get off your ASS and get a great manager!

  8. It’s not that we shouldn’t have let him go, it’s that we shouldn’t have let Bale go. We should have paid him 200,000 a week and promised him, no more sales of players. We had a once in a generation talent, and let him go. I’m so sick to my stomach about that. I will never ever pull for another club, so if I have to leave this club, I will have to leave football all together. I hate to say it, but this may be what’s best for my blood pressure.

  9. Ask for 30 million and if we dont get it stick him in the stiffs am getting sick and tired of players signing long contracts and then wanting out when things go wrong time to stand up to these big headed overpaid cunts


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