Having previously told the media in the UK that he would love to manage Manchester United, it seems as if Dutch manager Louis van Gaal is trying to keep his options open after the Spurs job became officially vacant. Speaking to his own, national press ahead of this summer’s World Cup, the 62 year old intimated that he was merely being polite when asked about the Old Trafford club.

“I said a few words last week about Manchester United because there were uninvited English journalists here and I thought it would be a little mean spirited if I did not answer a few of their questions,” Van Gaal said yesterday.

“I mumbled a few words to them and, from that, they write 60 full pages. But you can’t do anything about it.”

The Netherlands Head Coach peaked curiosity by hinting that United may not be the only team chasing his signature.

“You must wait until the process is complete. If you want to know more, then you must put questions to Manchester United, or perhaps to another club.

“I cannot say anything further about it.”

Don’t worry Louis you have already said enough and your comments have sparked a second wave of ‘Van Gaal to Tottenham’ stories. Previously, he had been accused of playing Spurs against United but Louis Van Gaal certainly knows how to play the media.




  1. We want a manager that wants to come to spurs and make them successful not someone who see’s us as second choice, I would leave the job open to see if he gets the manure job and if he doesn’t then spurs should choose another candidate, it is bad enough when the odd player uses a club as a stepping stone but when managers try to do it stuff them!, there are plenty of others who do want the job.

  2. Peter….you are terribly misinformed-cuz MUFC is bigger than your trash of a klub(spurs) infact i invented a grammar to go wit it which is sackalogy klub just like chelsea….LVG kan never choose spurs over MANCHESTER UNITED…..so get your thick slimey brain down and witness d sickness….i hate sentimentalists like you….bootlicker


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